The idea started as an adult; however, it was many years ago. Growing up, I loved watching Little House on the Prairie and, as an adult, I enjoyed it even more. If not for a dog with a healthy appetite, I’d still have my (was) growing collection of the videos themselves.

In Season 5, Episode 8 of Little House on the Prairie, a printing press came to town. As always, Harriet Olsen was right in the middle and making a mess of everything. You can click the link above to read about the episode. Basically, it was a colossal mess and quickly fell by the wayside as a “bad idea” for the town of Walnut Grove to have a newspaper.

The idea for the name of a newspaper stuck with me, though, and I’ve had this domain name (www.penandplow.com) for many years. It has sat, with that logo above and nothing else, for nearly as long as I’ve owned it and paid for it. Imagine, a minimum of 10 years, paying $34 a year for a domain name I did not use.

When I started up the IAmNaia blog nearly two years ago, I didn’t even give this domain name a thought. I had a goal in mind when I started up IAmNaia and it didn’t include The Pen & Plow. Recently, my blog and its intent has changed and, with that, a new look and idea was surfacing. I played around with the title, “This is Me,” but it didn’t quite fit. Of course it was about me – it was my blog!

I attempted to move my blog off the WordPress serversĀ – but because I knew there was something more in mind for me and what I wanted to write and be a part of in my online presence. I moved it to penandplow.com and wasn’t happy so I moved it back to WordPress but kept the penandplow.com as my redirect.

Please stick with me during this transition and enjoy what I’m working on creating. I can tell you that the pictures from the original blog will be messed up until I can go through each and every one of the 400-some posts and fix the pictures. I hope y’all can deal with that for a bit.

My tag line is “Where Truth Matters.” I hope, after this welcome, you understand why I stated that as my tagline. I look forward to many months and possibly years of writing the truth, sharing what is, without fear of retribution. After all, this is my blog.




3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. sue smith

    I have a celtic wall hanging pattern that I would like to make into a quilt- i looked over your graph paper design– I have put the design onto graph paper – I know I need to have at least one of the quarters patterned out exactly – then start quilting– what I need to know- is do I quilt the entire pattern in 2.5 inch squares or do I fill in with full fabric squares where 4 plus squares of the same color come together– ALSO only going to make the celtic pattern in 4 colors – do I make 4-5 squares into strips

    Hope you will be able to help me out – thank you sue

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