The Taste-Testing Crew

There are several people who feature in my daily writings. Allow me to introduce them:

Well, first off, there’s me. My name is MaryAnne, but for this blog, I prefer to be addressed as Naia. It’s an acronym that is very apt for what I am writing about. I’m 40 years old this year and have two small children from ex #1. I’ve failed more times than I’ve done right but there’s a plus side to that: God forgives. Even when no one else does.

Ha! And you thought you’d get to see my face! That’s us on our Spring Break trip to the Oregon Coast.

Next up, we have: Caiden. He’s 5, going on 18. He started Kindergarten a year early, at my insistence, because he is exceptionally bright and needed the challenge of Kindergarten, not another year of being bored in Preschool. He thinks he is 18, at times. Other times, he “dumbs” himself down to 4 years old to play with his brother. It is amazing to watch his personality and intellect shift to the size of the person he is relating to. All in all, he’s just your average 5 year old and a great deal of fun to be around! And, he is definitely handsome. He’s got such long beautiful eyelashes to go with those pretty eyes!

This picture was him graduating from Kindergarten and his brother’s 4th birthday. Some of his biggest supporters are standing behind and to the left of him.

And then we have: Brendan! The baby. He’s 4 and thinks he is just as big, strong and smart as his brother. He keeps trying to play catch-up, no matter how many times his daddy and I remind him that he is only 4. I can see him as being a doctor or other “helping” profession because he has a tremendous amount of empathy and compassion for his fellow people. He’s a gorgeous little guy. I call him my baseball player, because of his build. Caiden is my football player.

Caiden is built and acts just like he is direct from my dad’s lineage. Brendan acts and is built just like he is from his daddy’s family. It’s amazing to watch the differences between the two of them. Not just in growth, but in actions and the way they deal with things.

Next on our list of introductions is “The Nanny”:

Her name is Jen. She is The Nanny. She came to me and my family in the beginning of June, 2010. After 2 years, she has become a part of us. She has ventured on a few adventures and life changes with us and always with a steady outlook. Without her, I’m not sure where I’d be, today. She has moved with us when I didn’t want to move but had to. She has taken short trips and long trips with us, always with a cheerful smile and a willing heart. Ok. Not always cheerful, but you get my point.

If I tell her, “Pack for x number of days,” she jumps on it with a gusto and gets it done in 15 minutes or less – most times without knowing where we are going! I like to surprise her. She’s the nurse when we’re ill or forget our meds (like me). She’s the cook or cleaner of my house when I am unable to. Her primary job is helping me with the boys but that doesn’t stop her from jumping in whenever she feels she wants or needs to. No matter how many times I tell her to stop and let me, she can’t. Her love language is definitely “service” and she knows no other way of showing love. By the things she does for me and mine, I know she definitely loves us!

And finally, ex #1. His name is Mark. He is the father of my two boys. We’ve been friends since February of 2000. We were married from Sept 2005 until 2011. We have remained friends (to some degree) throughout; we just couldn’t live together in peaceful harmony. Things have changed a lot in the last year. A story for later. Now, we’re friends, again – approaching our best friend status of before. Only this time, without letting love, marriage, sex, etc get in the way. We are not interested in messing with the boys’ lives any further by hooking up again. At least, not for a long, long time. In some of my posts and mussings about this new lifestyle, he is the “psuedo-husband.” He has pledged his entire existence to helping the mother of his children get back on her feet after her year of stupidity.

That’s it. These are the taste-testers and willing (or is it unwilling) participants of the new Naia. They are standing behind me a hundred percent as I try to rebuild my life and fix the mistakes of the past. I couldn’t ask for a better family.

Thank you for listening (and thank you to my family),



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