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Outdoor Nook

Nan and I were visiting a friend last night and they had the cutest little nook in the back corner of their yard. So, we took a couple dollars, dug out around and underneath the pine tree in our back yard and started setting up our own little “Nook.” Here are the photos.

Oh, and if anyone knows an easier way to completely level it? Please let me know! We were using a flat board to drag over the top of the dirt. We got it “mostly” level but the table we want to use still wobbles a little bit. I’m wondering if it’s because the rocks aren’t completely flat on top. They are decorative.

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A sitting area outside in the shade will be nice. I can take my laptop out there. A book. I can watch the boys play or jump in and play with them! A spot where grass isn’t expected to grow and we don’t have to move the chairs constantly to keep the grass from flattening where we sit.

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