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Monday Morning

It’s a beautiful Monday morning. Of course, it’ll get as hot as blazes later, but for now it’s a great morning. I am waiting for babies to get up. I want them to watch how I make this morning’s breakfast. I think they will find it pretty awesome.

Today’s agenda? Breakfast, clean up the house. That’s about it. The yard sale is done, so there’s not a huge task in front of me, anymore. Pretty much what is in the house stays in the house.

I might do some rearranging this week. The beautiful t.v. I was once so proud of and struggled to get for myself back in early 2011 is being moved downstairs. We don’t need it, we don’t watch it. There’s better things to do.

Last year, when my eldest was in kindergarten, they sent home P.E. challenges every month. The one I remember most is the television challenge. That was an easy one for him to do, that month. He had to watch an hour or less of t.v. a day. He got a sticker on every day of the month – my boys (and nan and I) just don’t watch t.v. The only time he might go over is if we get a movie to watch and it’s typically an hour and a half long.

Now, the cute black Visio that takes up a huge spot on my wall won’t even be upstairs! That room will be for books. And we all know I love books! I’ve given up my Nook and have gone back to paperbacks, so my collection will grow again.

I think I hear the boys stirring. Time to show them how mommy makes today’s breakfast!

Thank you for listening,


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Church Tomorrow

Good yard sale. Cleaned the house. Dumped the extra things I had around. The remained of items went to my son’s school thrift store. They are a parochial school and use the thrift store to generate funding. It’s nice to be able to help while downsizing my home to the basics.

It’s the end of the day and I am bushed. It’s time for sleep. I doubt I will have to read tonight before sleep. Since my Nook is now gone for good, reading will consist of night lights and paper books. It’ll be nice.

It’s all about getting back to the basics.

And now, for sleep.

Thank you for listening,


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