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Farmer’s Market

We went to the Farmer’s Market downtown, this morning. Got some lettuce, cucumbers, peaches, fresh made cranberry bread and some other fruits and vegetables. Yes, I’m still in the mode to go forward with this. I’m prepping for a very interesting first week, that’s for sure!

On the way there, we stopped at a yard sale and I saw the *cutest* bag for me to carry around at the market and stuff with fresh fruit/vegetables. No one would ever believe that *I* would carry something like this, so it’s doubly fun!

It got heavy quick, when I started looking at the fresh things available!

So, I’ve started thinking long and hard about what will be expected of me, this coming week. I know that I’ll start cooking more, eating out less. I’ll be home all day instead of running around town. I’ll be dressing to look nice without having somewhere special to go. But, what else does all this entail? That’s a very good question. One that will take time to answer and I can’t answer it all in one sitting.

Now, to start with, my goal is to be home and be around my children more. While I will maintain the Nanny in my home, I have recently come to believe (knew it but didn’t believe it, before) that my children still need to see me a lot more than they did when I was working. I was in their lives but not a big enough part of their lives. How can I “raise my children in the ways of the Lord” when I am not home to do so? How can I teach them and give them the knowledge they need in the future if I am not here? How can I show them all the good things in life if I’m always chasing the dollar and never sitting down to enjoy life?

Along with that comes several things. First, cooking. Eating healthy is a must for my children, not just because of their growth but because they are children of diabetics. Family history runs long and strong on diabetics on both sides of their parentage. So, training them to eat healthier now will help them when they get older. That’s my theory. Not to mention, I could use some healthier food, myself.

Taking care of my home. Well, it’s my home. Right? Why should I have someone else doing it? It’s my responsibility. Not anyone else’s. Besides, I have recently moved my family into a gorgeous home that has every mark on it straight from the 70s. It’d be nice to flourish with that instead of worry about how to “modernize” it. I’m hoping to make my home warm and friendly, inviting and enjoyable for all – family and friends.

In the 1950s, a woman’s place was in the home. She didn’t hold a job. She didn’t try to work as many hours as a man and she didn’t chase the dollar bills everyone seems so fond of. What she did was take care of home, husband and children – to the exclusion of all else. She presented herself well to the world and spent the majority of her day taking care of the daily tasks in the home – not all over the city/country.

I believe that this is my next stage in life. It’s not a random whim born because I just turned 40. It’s fact. It’s how I think and feel I am being led. In the end, I figure my life with be a whole lot simpler and calmer. As I told Nan last night, I’ve screwed up the first 40 years, had many experiences that I probably should have avoided. Maybe it’s time to try something new.

So, there we have it. Love it or leave it. But it’s the new me.

Thank you for listening,


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