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Wrong pill…

Good morning. Yesterday was rather full. I started out making Stuffed French Toast. It is rather simple to make. One side of the French Toast sandwich is jam, the other is cream cheese. Put them into a sandwich and dunk them in the egg/milk as you would French Toast. Cook in your favorite pan or on a griddle. Quick, easy, yummy to eat.

I don’t typically add syrup. When I do, it’s sugar-free (made with Spenda). Most of the things you find made with Splenda are actually very good. I recommend them for everyone, not just diabetics. Occasionally, something can be too sweet; however, for the most part, Splenda made items don’t taste much different from regular sugar items.

Since I started knitting on this loom I found, my son has been yammering for me to make a blanket for his “Douglas.” Here’s his Douglas:

He asks about 20-25 times, every time he sees me working on my  knitting. So, yesterday, unbeknownst to him, I started working on a blanket for him. Taught myself a new stitch out of curiosity as I did. I wanted to see what would happen if I did a weird stitch on the loom and this is what it came out looking like:

My first attempt at this (which is skipping to every other pin while knitting), the edges were way too long. So, I ripped it out of the loom and attempted a different way of skipping pins. The above is what it came out to. I’m much further along; this was an early picture. My son still doesn’t realize I am making it for him and yes, he is still asking repeatedly. Only now? He’s asking, “Mom, are you making that for D?” or “Mom, can you give that to D?” He’s trying not to say Douglas’s name in the asking since I’ve been trying to tell him asking so many times for something isn’t appropriate. I want to tell him this is for him but that would defeat the point of the lesson to him.

So, remember that little “Outdoor Nook” that the Nanny and I were trying to make? Well, ex #1 had an idea and is running with it. He’s making it a wooden “deck” around the tree for us, instead of stones. Since this is a rental and we’ve not put in an offer to buy it, we have to make sure we can remove it when or if needed. So, it is not buried into the ground and is portable. Kinda neat, if you ask me.



He spent the entire day in the hot sun, yesterday. I wanted to hose him down but then the water would ruin the wood before it’s treated… right? I wanted so badly to do it, though. I didn’t think it was a good idea; he might turn the hose on me and he’s bigger and stronger!

While I was outside checking on what he was doing, I noticed something on my tomato plant I purchased at the Farmer’s Market a couple weeks back. I have buds that will turn into tomatoes! Check it out!

I can’t wait until they bloom. This will be the first time I’ve ever grown anything. In fact, a long time ago, people stopped giving me houseplants. They always end up dying. Not entirely sure why, but they do. I went to Fred Meyer a few years back and asked for a plant that wouldn’t die. I wanted something in my house. They gave me this plant – I don’t recall the name of it – and, despite a few times forgetting to water it, it has thrived!

At one point, I even repotted both of those on my own. I have long forgotten what they are called; however, if I water them at least once a month, they survive living with me. It’s awesome! They have even moved with me during the last few years’ struggles. They sit in my dining room, right now and I’ve been told if I give them just a little more indirect sunshine, they will grow even better. I just haven’t figured out how to get them to that sunshine. When I figure it out, I’ll have to remember to water them even more. They’ll need it, being in the sunshine.

Last night, making dinner, I had the kitchen tore up! Last week, when I made the homemade meat loaf, the loaf was huge. So, I cut it in half and froze half of it (before cooking). I thawed it yesterday and cooked it last night. I had some extra bacon – I used bacon to wrap the meatloaf – and so I cooked it up to make homemade bacon bits for salad. At the same time, I made Blueberry and Blackberry Crisp. I made one in a pie pan and then made 5 of them in little ramekin cups. I love those cups! They are something new I’ve learned about these past few weeks. Here’s what my kitchen looked like when I was working on three things at once:

We ended up snacking on the bacon and I got no bacon bits this time. However, when I was all done with the cooking/baking, it took about 5 minutes to clean it all up. My newest secret? A sink full of hot soapy water before I start anything. Then, as I go, I clean what I am using. Makes for fast clean up! You always have a hot, wet washcloth to wipe down messes and clean bowls/pans. I’ve also figured something else… using a washcloth all the time means I don’t use as many paper towels. I wash up with my rag and clean it in the sink of water, then start over. The only time I really use paper towels anymore is cleaning up grease. I use it to wipe down my griddle after using it for greasy items and that’s it! This mess was clean in less than 5 minutes when I was done.

After dinner, I asked the Nanny to clean up the kitchen for me. I had a small problem with my shoulders because of some rough-housing with my boys. I was feeling rather tight and she agreed if I would keep her company. So, I did. I knitted and she cleaned up after dinner (the dishes from eating, etc). Thank you, Jen!

Ex #1 asked for one of my muscle relaxers after a long day in the hot sun, slaving away at my mini-deck for my family and I. Jen went and got one and set it on my knee. I heard her say, “Here…” and popped it in my mouth, thinking it was my evening pill. She does the nursing, making sure we all don’t forget our meds, so I am used to taking pills from her. What she was saying was, “Here. Hold this for ex #1?” So, I drugged myself, last night. I blame her, of course! It’s all her fault! *grins*

Which means, of course, that I passed out, last night. It knocked me silly in 30 minutes flat. So, this morning, I start out fuzzy and can’t even think about what I’m supposed to make for breakfast…

Thank you for listening,


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