Cooking School

I’ll post the links to my “Cooking School” posts here for the ease of anyone looking to follow along. Once they are posted as a “post,” the link will be added here for y’all.

The Cooking School is following along in the book: The Boston Cooking-School Cook Book. My own personal copy, which I was liberally copy from, is dated 1904. A copy of what I’ll be doing can be found HERE. That link takes you straight to the PDF tile to download and follow along! It is a big file so don’t get discouraged. Start the download and go make yourself a cup of coffee while waiting.

The goal of these posts is to learn about food, its uses and what can be done with it. Instead of cooking to impress, we are going to learn how to cook to sustain a healthy life. Instead of merely making food, we’re going to learn about food.

Cooking School: Introduction

Cooking School: Cookery


2 thoughts on “Cooking School

  1. Amy

    hi i am doing the same sort of thing im giving being a 1950s house wife/ mother a go. i was wondering if you are tierd, im moving alot more and always busy. i am doing it to be a better mum and wife. I love the blog

    • Welcome and thank you for stopping by!

      Yes, there are times I get tired. I end up sleeping late or taking a nap during the day. The past month or so, things have drained me and the Nanny has been doing breakfast. I’m sure I’ll get back into it when things settle down a bit.

      I hope you’re enjoying yourself, at least. The goal is to enjoy what you’re doing so you never resent the lifestyle you have chosen.

      Welcome aboard and come back often!


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