WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Good morning! It’s been a week – where am I at on my previous WIP Wednesday?

1. Both tops for Christmas are finally complete. I do need borders, of course; however, the tops that have taken nearly 18 months to complete (and shouldn’t have taken this long) are finally complete!



2. I had three small lap/wall quilts to finish up. Two of them needed binding, that third needed a flower stitched on top of it. For the flower, I decided to just remove it. I like the quilt better without it – makes it a tad more mature of a quilt. Since I have no girls, I don’t need flowery. The other two, I got the binding done. Not spectacular but nicely done.

3. Picture sorting, posting and prepping for storage in photo albums and on my external hard drive. This one is not complete. I have vowed that I am not leaving Shari’s today until I am completely done posting about the Oklahoma trip and everything we’ve been doing since. I have coffee, twelve dollars in my pocket and I’m not moving from this spot until finished.


4. I started a few new projects on the sewing machine. I’ll get those written up today and clean out my pictures folder. My mom has been playing with Jelly Rolls and I’ve written up several patterns to send her plus some jelly rolls left over from my store. In the process of writing up patterns for her, I’ve come across some awesome patterns that beg to be shared.

Watch for multiple posts today as I complete my goal. Hold me to the task by liking or commenting as I post! It’ll keep me going!

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WIP Wednesday: Complete

This is a WIP Wednesday but I’ve already completed it. Back in January, I signed on at the local quilt guild to make a Dresden Plate Block. I was instructed to make it any way I wanted with no measurement requirements. I completely forgot about it until I received an email on Tuesday reminding me to have it done and ready for Thursday night (tonight).

So, yesterday, for the first time ever, I made a Dresden Plate Block. However, I made it mine… just a bit.


First step: Draw the design. I took one of the two remaining tie-dye pieces that Jen created and set about drawing my pattern out.


Looks good, so far!


Step Two: Cut out the pieces. Jen did this part.


Step Three: Set out the pieces in order. We don’t want Jen to have to do another super hard puzzle. Right?


Step Four: Sew one end (the big end) and turn. I forgot the turn part so my tips don’t look as good as they could have…


Step Five: Pin to backing fabric. At least, this is my step five. Others would have created the middle piece and sewn it all together into one giant Dresden Plate Ring. I decided to modify it slightly, so I pinned this as is. No middle…


Step Six: Sew it all down to the backing and finished. As you can see, I actually designed mine as a “Broken Dresden Plate.” I like the concept and, after I show off my block to the quilt guild, I am thinking of adding a tie-dye green piece as a stem and make it a dying flower.

Whatcha think?

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