WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Good morning! In addition to moving as a WIP, I have been working on a quilt for a niece. I’m calling it “Starburst.” Not because of the varied colors but because of the varied quilt pieces that are making up this top. I need to get it finished and turned into the quilter rather soon!


Her favorite colors are gray, orange and black. In an effort to make this a nice quilt top without looking like Halloween, I chose those two colors above. I’m pairing them with a nice tan as the background.


I started with this block. A very fun block that has only the edges sewn down and the rest is loose.


I have several other pieces (5″ squares that make up a 15″ square block). I’m not going to show them just yet. They are interesting and definitely give this quilt the name of “Starburst: A rainbow of fruit flavors.” The last block I am working on is a “Puff Pocket,” as I call it. It really is quite simple. Cut one tan 5.5″ square and one 6.5″ of the gray (or orange).

Do not make a big deal of this to your near-7 year old! He will grab your cutter and try to cut the gray one down to size, as it’s the wrong size!


I have no clue what the measurements are. I just drew a light line on each corner of the gray. I put it on a 1″ square on my cutting board and went corner to corner with it. Do this on all 4 sides.


Sew on the line you drew on all 4 sides of the pieces. You’ll actually have both pieces right-side-up, not right-sides-together or wrong-sides-together. Just lay them on top of each other and sew all four sides, making sure the corners all line up perfectly. When done, it’ll look like this…


The extra inch you put into the gray will puff up. You’re not done, don’t worry! All 4 sides are stitched and now it’s time for the next step…


Take a straight pin and fold over the “extra” fabric to create a crease in between the two corners. I eyeballed the “center” between the two. Do as you will with your own.


Pin all four sides in the same manner – making sure your folds all go in the same direction. Don’t worry about ironing them down or whatnot. Stay away from the iron at this point.


Sew a “scan 1/4″ over the folds you created. The reason I am not going in as far as a 1/4” should is so the stitches don’t accidentally show when I’m done sewing the squares into a block.


When done, take a look at it – fluff it up a bit, if you want. It’s a Puff-Pocket!


I have a little army of Puff-Pockets on my counter, waiting for me to make my 15″ blocks out of. They are actually kind of fun! I’m not sure the tutorial is perfect but that’s how I did things. Enjoy, if you try to make them. Just make your puff fabric bigger than the finished square underneath and it’ll puff up when done.

I hope to have this quilt top done before we move. I want to get all my quilts to the quilter before too late for Christmas presents.

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Montana, Here We Come!

Everyone has been asking for pictures and I have promised to post them on my blog. What is it we’ll discuss today? Quite frankly, my wee family and I are moving! We finally managed to get a house in Montana (my goal in life) and it’s affordable, perfect for the family and simply beautiful. We hope to be moved by the end of November. I’m quite sure I’ll be very busy between now and then. I’ll check in when I’m able.

It started with a Saturday trip up to Montana for lunch. Sort of a “Sunday drive with the family” before Dad went back to work. We caught wind of a house for rent and decided to try and check it out while up there. We were unable to see the house but told we could come back on Sunday to see it. Jen and I went up on Sunday, looked at it and drove home. The drive home was a great adventure as we deliberately took the wrong direction to see where we would end up. Another day, I’ll try and tell the story of that drive. Scary and fun!

Mark and I were flipping back and forth about the house Jen and I saw – we weren’t entirely positive it was a good idea. On Monday (two days ago), I called a realtor and asked if they had any rentals. When he finally got back to me, he said he had one. He started describing it and I asked if we could see it on Tuesday morning. Dad was headed back to work on Tuesday and we could see it right before he drove off.

Mark and I went up on Monday night and caught a hotel room. At 0830 on Tuesday morning, we saw the second house in Montana. I fell in love with it immediately. It was built in the 1920s and shows. The yard is beautiful, even though there are quite a few weeds, just now. That’ll change. Jen appears to love working outdoors and it will be beautiful in the spring!

Everything fell right into place for acquiring this house and by noon, it was ours. I had Jen pull the boys out of school early and come to “ice cream” with me. Little did they know it was ice cream at their new house. So far, things are working out great. The boys are excited. We’ll talk more about this as time goes on. Right now, I really need to post the pictures before I get lynched by the curious crowd.


The front door – we walk over a bridge to get to our front door. Under the bridge is a stream – which is empty right now.


The stream.


The front porch – patio. Full of windows to let in the tree-filtered sunshine.


Wood fireplace – closed off, for right now.


On the opposite wall, a working wood stove.


Our green bathroom!


Part of the kitchen. As I get more pictures, I’ll show ya what we’ve got. Right now, those are the highlights. When we get back up there again, I’ll try to get better pictures. Especially of the yard. You’ve got to see the yard!

There ya go – today’s announcement. I promise more, as I’m able. I’m in love with the “old” of this house.

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