Living the old days

What would it be like to live a hundred years ago? Exhausting from the constant work or would we be used to it?

Having to get up with the sun and make a fire just to cook. Spending part of our days gathering wood for the fire. Other parts would be for collecting food to feed to children.

I sit here, waiting for the water to boil for coffee wondering if I could return to the old days. If I had strength enough to survive cold winters without the luxury of a whole-house heater. Or, the a/c that keeps my home a constant cool temperature.

Recently, I was playing around with my children and injured my knee. It hurts like nothing else towards the end of the day. Combine that with my back problems and would I be able to live as they did years ago? Or, what about being allergic to bees? That could fell me faster than a bear on the loose. I stand a chance of hiding, shooting or climbing a tree with a bear. One bee sting and it is time to bury me.

I have been thinking a lot about taking a guided tour of the mountains. One that lasts days and there is no shelter but what you make or find. Perhaps with horses to keep from walking miles and hurting myself. They had horses back then! I am thinking about 3 or 4 days out and about with no civilization close.

Or, perhaps, finding an old house out in the hills and moving my family there. Away from all the towns and cities. Obviously with in a days’ drive for necessities (and perhaps close enough to my boys’ school), but starting over in a new place. An empty place. Very few people or none at all.

Wouldn’t that be ideal? Living simply and without too many extras that sidetrack and confuse.

Just a thought.



Thank you for listening,


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On The Road Again

Riding down the road, the Nanny driving, I get to thinking. I have spent most of my life on the road from one place to another. I have travelled my country more times than I can count. I spent Jan of 99 to May of 99 going from coast to coast, each time trying to take a different route. I have gotten in my car and taken off on a whim. I have gone places by car/truck always, only flying when the military flew me.

My dad has probably twice the number of miles under his belt as I do. I consider I’ve probably got, at least, a hundred thousand on U.S. soil. At this point in my life, I might push that to 200k. Is it him that gave me this /wanderlust blood? I don’t know.

Driving is my life, much as music is. It defines me, excites me, mellows me and gives me cause to feel alive. Being free to load up and take off is what warms my heart. It is as much a part of me as my parents and my children.

Rarely do I let anyone else drive. It is a treat when I do. It’s just that I love it so much, I don’t like to give it up. When I am a passenger, I try to find other things to do. Mostly to stay out of their way as they take over.

We are headed back towards Yellowstone. It only really costs us gas and wood for our fires. Oh, and $8 a night for a tent camping spot. We use food from the house and try not to buy food when out and about. This time, we are camping where I’d like to be when ex #1 heads home after his month-long hitch for work.

The boys love to see him and I’ve decided he can camp with us for a night or two when he heads home. We’ll do a tour of Yellowstone and let them see daddy and have fun for a bit. In order to do this, we came up early (he won’t be headed our way until Wednesday) and secured our camping spot.

If we waited until Wednesday, chances are, we’d find nowhere to camp. I figured Sunday is when folks take off to camp or head home to go back to work. I was right. We drove up here earlier (it’s only 2 hour drive) and got our spot. However, the rules state that we must occupy it the first night and it can’t be unattended more than 24 hours.

So, up we go tonight and then again on Tuesday night.

Did I mention I love driving and camping? Even if some don’t consider it “real” camping because I have tents and stay in a more secure location? I won’t let them stop me!

Thank you for listening,


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