Happy Mother’s Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the women who bore us, raised us, fed us and kept us as safe as possible until the age of adulthood. As a mother, I have to say I enjoy having a day when my babies are supposed to love and hug me, tell me how much they appreciate me and, in return, I get to snuggle with them more today than on any other day.

I woke up at 6 a.m. and sat outside in the chilly morning air for nearly an hour before moving back inside and relaxing on the couch while waiting for my boys to get up. Typically, as y’all well know, Caiden gets up at the crack of dawn. Most mornings, when I am woken this way, it is instant grumpy to his overabundance of energy. By getting up so very early, I was ready for him and was able to snuggle close and smell his “sunshine and kisses” for a few minutes before doing anything else.

When Brendan got up, it was the same and it was pleasant. I enjoyed it immensely and wish I could have for much longer. By this point, however, I was more than ready to visit the bathroom. I’d deliberately not done so because I was trying to make sure the boys didn’t wake up.

The day officially started and I sent off a myriad of texts to mothers in my realm, wishing them a Happy Mother’s Day. After that, I got to thinking. What about the blogging mothers? The ones that give me (and countless others) inspiration? I decided that today was a great day to honor them and let them know that, even when they don’t hear my voice, they are an inspiration to me and I appreciate everything they say and show.

Without further adieu:

inspirational mother

Fly on the Wall : Everyone knows I love Fay. She’s one of my biggest supports here in the blogging world. She meets every challenge of life as a challenge that she will endure and overcome. Her way of looking at disagreements with husband and children are unsurpassed. She is creative and enjoys all the little things in life that most of us end up taking for granted. I read every word she writes, every day, and never have regretted following her blog. She is real. She doesn’t put up a front and she doesn’t sugar coat a thing. You really are a “Fly on the Wall” of her life when you read her words. The great part is, you also get to see the challenge met and overcome.

Team Harmon : The beauty and grace that she meets each challenge only serves to remind me that it isn’t all that hard to find the good in everything and meet challenges the way God intended. I love reading about her children and think that her pictures are simply divine! I love how her children look so beautiful in every shot – even if coming off a Rugby field, covered in mud and bruises.

The Laughing Housewife : A wonderful way of looking at life – with humor! Instead of dreary discussions about life as a wife and mother dragging her down, she answers everything with laughter. A great dose of fun is just what the doctor ordered!

Texana’s Kitchen : Mostly recipes. However, nearly ever post is about her family, her boys, her life as a mother. I find inspiration in the way she presents her children when she talks about them. I enjoy the way she looks at life and, as I am in my 40s as well, understand a lot of her thought processes.

My Men and Me : Another blog about a real mother – not a bunch of pomp and fuss. This is life, as God intended, and with God in charge. Inspiration can’t be found any better than this and I enjoy reading the words she gives to the blogging world. Getting a Christian view on things helps a lot and this blog does have quite a bit of that. I’m glad I found her!

Loving Life : Another blog written by a Godly wife and mother. Inspirational words do come and are received by me. I enjoy reading the posts and getting another perspective on things that come my way in life as a mother.

That’s pretty much it. I wanted to thank the ladies for their “Inspirational Blogs” and hope that they continue – they are definitely enjoyed by at least one person out here in the world of the internet. So – Thank you, Ladies, Wives and Mothers of the blogging world and a very special Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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*I’m not asking anyone to pass this around. I’m not telling you to give it to 5 or 10 friends. I just wanted to share. Do with it as you will.

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Flowers Get Kisses

The original title of this post was going to be, “Farmer’s Market finally open!” Throughout the course of the morning, that changed.


We got up and went to Farmer’s Market. We were expecting to eat breakfast afterwards at some cafe somewhere instead of wasting the morning eating and then getting to the market. I was excited! I have been waiting all winter for the Farmer’s Market to start back up again.

After finally getting the baby up at close to 9 a.m., we set out. I gave each child a $5 bill for the morning (I had no change) and they were as excited as I was.


Brendan started off with purchasing a $2 carton of Strawberries. My boys do love their fruit! From there, they got to taste some popcorn – the same popcorn they have tasted a hundred times and we wandered around the shops set up. I snapped random pictures, enjoying my new camera, and the boys spent nearly all their money on the little things that they want. As I’m sure I’ve said before, I enjoy giving them a little bit of pin money to do as they wish. I find it teaches them the value of the money they have, possibly saving for something else, and a measure of freedom in picking their own treats at the Farmer’s Market.


They each got a cookie for 50c from this kind lady. She sells gluten-free cookies and whatnot. The boys don’t require gluten-free but they don’t seem to mind if they get something that way.


Checking out the ducks on the Snake River.


Well, don’t get your head stuck, boys.

As we were leaving, we spotted an extension to the Farmer’s Market a little bit down the road. We stopped there for the boys to play on the Bounce House while I perused the few booths along this strip.


We’re calling this one, “Wait for me, Brendan!”


They were so cute!

Just before we left to go find a small breakfast in a cafe, I saw (and, of course, Caiden saw) a mobile donut station. They made donuts in front of the children and put some pretty color flavorings on them. I put up the $1 apiece to get each child a small bag of their own.


“mmmm…. flavored sugar!”


“They say Caiden ate a Smurf. I ate a pink Smurf!”


“Yes, Mom. It was delicious!”


On the way back to Rendy, Jen pointed out a pretty flower. Since I haven’t been able to take pictures of flowers with my new camera yet, I thought this was perfect! The sun was shining and the little flower was so beautiful. I stooped low and snapped a few quick pictures. I remembered about the “Rule of Thirds” and put that singular flower by itself, made sure it was in focus and the other clump of flowers was not. I took the time to get it put just right in the viewer and snapped the picture. Without another thought, leaving that flower to its life, I started back towards the car.

Brendan had Other Ideas

He (and his brother) have always been told that “Flowers Get Kisses.” Whenever they bring me a flower, I kiss them. I’ve been doing it for years and I love when they bring me flower after flower just for mommy’s special kisses. It means so much to me that they are seeking of my love and approval (in the form of kisses) when they bring me a flower they thought was perfect for their mother.

Except for Today


Apparently, Brendan Felt Mommy Needed a Flower & He Obviously Wanted a Kiss

That same, beautiful, small singular flower that I had snapped pictures of was in his hand and he was holding it out to me like the grand prize of the biggest contest ever. He was expecting a huge kiss and hug for bringing Mommy the flower she was so excited to take pictures of.

“Um. Thank you, Brendan?”

I was trying not to let him know I was disappointed in him for destroying that pretty flower by plucking it from the ground. How can you explain to a “nearly” 5-year old that picking the flower from a community plot at the side of a city street isn’t the best idea?

Children so often just want their mother’s approval and love. They do the little things that mean almost nothing to us “big folk” because they think it brings them mommy’s love. They don’t understand the sacred flowers that shouldn’t be touched living in the middle of the city (or a neighbor’s precious flower garden). Their thoughts are so pure and motivated by nothing more than a simple desire to please. I can almost see Brendan thinking to himself, “Mom has always kissed me for bringing her a flower. She took pictures of this flower so she must love it. This flower is just sitting here. I’ll give to her and she’ll kiss me, hug me and love me forever.”


I fail to see the point of deliberately crushing this poor child’s spirit by berating him for plucking the flower and bringing it to me. I took a picture of him holding it, gave him the kiss he was seeking and set the flower gently on the dash of Rendy for the drive home.

So, today wasn’t about the Farmer’s Market – it was all about how “Flowers Get Kisses.”

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