Takin’ Pictures with Dad

When he got home from school, he asked Dad to take him to get some pictures at Snake River Landing. He knows that mommy has gone there to get pictures and he wanted to try it for himself. The following are the pictures that Daddy took and he’s picking out to show off…









At this point, he tripped over his shoes and busted his head on a rock. Daddy calmed him the best he could and then brought him home to mommy for some lovins. Picture day over.

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Pictures Folder, 2,333 pictures to go

The next folder was full of Brendan taking random pictures. We’ll delete that and then we’ll be down to 2,194 pictures remaining.

This next folder is 67 pictures of flowers at Jiffy Lube, when we were getting the A/C recharged in Rendy. Practice makes perfect, right?




Those are the best three I could find. I’ve really tried to practice using the Aperture setting on my camera and making some objects blur and others come into sharp focus.

We’re done “Flowers at Jiffy Lube.” We’ll delete Jen’s dad’s graduation pictures and “Rendy Fix A/C” pictures. That leaves us with 6 folders and a measly 2,093 pictures.


The next folder was “Flowers for Mother’s Day.” It had 6 pictures. This one is the best!

With that folder done and deleting the pictures from going to Yard Sales and Farmer’s Market, we’ve got 4 folders and 2,075 pictures left.

On Mother’s Day, I took the boys (by myself) to a local attraction, “Yellowstone Bear World.” I managed to take 1,643 pictures there.


Some shaggy bison…


Lazy deer… It was hot on Mother’s Day.


A bear took a dip in the little lake and came out drenched…


Another bear got friendly with our Rendy, as well.


And, of course, my favorite animal – the wolf. My protective spirit. My nature, my very essence all combined into one animal.

Oh, and his paw print is on my left shoulder in the form of a tattoo.


After checking out all the animals, we head to the play land. It’s free (after park admission) and has a few rides for the children. Of course, I said, “I want one good picture of you two under the bear and then we can go on the rides.” This is what I got.



On this ride, they go up, up, up in the air and then drop by bits to the bottom. It’s a light-weight drop for smaller children. Surprisingly, Brendan had a blast on it! I was astounded. I expected he’d be unhappy. Nope. He wanted to go on again and again.


On this ride, they were able to spin a table inside to make their bear turn faster while the bigger part of them was spinning as well. They loved all the rides and, as soon as they got off, they were trying to get right back on. Fortunately, they managed to see another ride and go on that one before coming back to some favorites. All told, I believe they went two times on each ride.


I was sure that this mini-roller coaster would turn off Brendan. Not so. He was smiling and giggling to himself the entire time.


The second time on this ride, Brendan sat on the end. Caiden started to get up with Brendan and changed his mind when he saw a friend from school – a girl in his class. He scooted over to her and talked to her the entire ride. He didn’t really stop to appreciate the ride at all! Meanwhile, Brendan was having a blast. He doesn’t really have a “death grip” on that pole. He’s leaning over to watch the ground as he goes up and down. This time, instead of letting him jump off by himself and eat pavement, I went and picked him up off the ride. Much safer, since his feet don’t even come close to touching the ground!


Remember the spinning bears? This time, they talked MOM into getting on with them. I got one or two pictures but, as soon as the bear started spinning, I got caught up in the fun of making it spin round and round as fast as possible. When we got off, the attendant actually said, “You guys were flying!” I was proud.

Of course, a time or two, I actually thought we were going so fast, the babies would fly out the door. They didn’t, of course…


I do believe this is the biggest pig I’ve ever seen in my life – on or off a television! My children ran right up to it, fed it and started scratching it behind the ears and under the belly. The pig would start making more (happy) noises when you scratch his belly and Brendan thought that was fun.

Yeah, a pig that big? I’m not getting so close! Isn’t it great how children don’t have nearly the amount of fears that moms do?


We were petting one of the deer they had in the petting zoo and Brendan tried to see what would happen if he scratched the deer on the belly. There’s a huge gap in my pictures at this point. Basically, I threw the camera and grabbed him out of the way as the deer made his displeasure known at being scratched on his tummy.


My own personal bear cubs.


They aren’t quite as big, though.


And off they go, back to the rides. The only thing I could do was try to keep up…

They wanted to go on the spinning bears again; however, the attendant was taking a break, so they had to pick a different ride. I told them, “One more ride and then it’s time to go home.” While I was standing in line with Caiden, waiting to get on the car ride again, Brendan took matters in his own hands and walked over to the mini-roller-coaster. He just walked off and, before I could stop him, was sitting in the front of the roller coaster, ready for some fun.


I couldn’t believe it! He actually made the decision (and got in trouble for running from Mom without telling her); however, I have to be proud of him for being such a “big boy” and going on a ride. All by himself!


Caiden got to ride on the cars one last time and we left to head on home.

Delete that folder, open the next (371 pictures). This one is called, “Cooling Off.” When we got home, the babies and I were hot, sticky and ready to cool off. I hooked up the hose for the first time of the season and they played in the water for awhile.




No. I can’t answer to what they were doing here.



Drenching Batman…


And then leaving him to dry in the sun – alone – when it was time to go get dressed…

That’s the end of that folder. Going through just those two folders, we managed to whittle this down to only 2 folders left and 61 pictures remaining. Yay! Almost done!

The next folder is my friends’ new store. I’m using those pictures on her website. So, scratch that one and we’re down to ….

17 pictures left!

I’ll share just one of those with ya – Brendan taking pictures of Matthew after waking him up. Matt had fallen asleep in the sun and we had to wake him for dinner….


And that’s it! My pictures folder is finally empty! I managed to go through all of the pictures. I hope you enjoyed the trip down the last two weeks as much asĀ  I did!

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