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The Last Few Days

I’ve been up to quite a bit the last few days. Let’s get y’all caught up, shall we?


Have you seen my quilting room lately? I’ve moved a lawn table in and put it on cinder blocks to raise it up a little bit. I like this a lot better than trashing the dining room table all day, every day. I’m quite sure the rest of the family would agree with me.

To the right of the table is my bolts of fabric and yard+ flat folds. To the left of the table (as you look at it in the picture) is my design wall, a few shelves holding jelly rolls and whatnot plus the “unfinished ideas” that I got all excited about doing and then stalled. I’m sure all of us do that, from time to time, as inspiration hits with new ideas that “must be done right now.”


I created a table runner to go with the Diamond K quilt.


And a pillow.


The back of the pillow – I had so much left over from the quilt, I had to keep making items to go with it! It’ll take a month or more to get the quilt back from the quilter but, when it does come home, it’ll be worth it!


This will be the back of the Diamond K quilt. The local quilt lady, Cynthia, gave me this idea when we didn’t have enough to do the entire back one solid piece. The black print will center near perfectly with the front center, when done being quilted.


The entire set, ready and waiting. I think I’m done with all this, at this point. Time to move on to something else…


Caiden wanted to learn how to do a child’s version of cross stitch. This is his first attempt and he’s doing really good, so far! I find it amazing that, despite the weird noises my boy makes, he’s able to concentrate for 30 minutes or more on something like this but then his teacher keeps saying how awful he is and can’t do anything right in class.


So sweet, so handsome and gorgeous – despite ripped snow pants.


This is one of the three quilts I created for the local quilt store. It sits on the table just inside the entryway.


This one is in the window and so beautiful!!!!


You can see it when you walk by … and in the other window ….


You can see the other one!


Walking down the aisles, you can also see the other one I did – from all scraps.


The owner, Cynthia, said I could post her picture. She said she doesn’t take pictures very well but I disagree – can I get a like/comment for everyone who agrees that, while she is an older lady, she is still beautiful and full of life?


I’ll leave you with this thought for the day – what in the world could Naia be planning now!? There’s 256 each of red and white – and they are all 2.5″ squares. Any guesses? I wouldn’t use what’s on the portable design board as a guessing point – you’d be wrong.


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A Sunday Drive… Again


This past Friday night, we got a lot of snow. The boys were very helpful in trying to clear the sidewalks for me. They are still young enough to think using a shovel and broom is fun so I let them go for it.


Caiden pushing all the snow into the ditch in front of our house. A great place for extra water – right?


Hands smaller, arm muscles not as coordinated, Brendan tries to help by sweeping behind Caiden.

The boys did so great at trying to help me clear the snow, I let them have electronics for the weekend. They were officially off punishment until Monday afternoon.


The boys spent the night playing XBox with Jen at her house and, on Sunday morning, I had to clear the walk and car off by myself. I got a path to the car cleared after getting 4 inches or more dumped on it and the rest is waiting for Jen or the boys to tackle it. The poor boys, though! I may ask Jen to do it. I’d feel bad, them working their butts off again! (Not to mention my shovel got mysteriously broken in all the playing and shoveling on Saturday morning).


In traditional style with me, we set off on Sunday for a Sunday drive to Twin Bridges for breakfast and then home again. I was anxious to get back to my sewing machine. I got to feeling guilty, though, and decided to take a Sunday Drive to far off lands with my children instead of hiding behind my sewing machine. I didn’t get a lot of pictures but the story is fun.


I decided to keep going on back roads until the roads got bad. Montana is very good at clearing roads, however, and we just kept going.


… and going


… and going.


The drive was beautiful and we found several places we want to go when the weather warms up and places start to open for the summer. One place we did stop – that was open – was a Wheat Factory outside Three Forks, Montana. I forgot to take my camera inside but Jen got a picture of the outside just before we left. What a neat little place and we did bring some foods home with us. The funny part is, I put a $5 in each boys’ pocket during our trip and they spent a good portion of it buying sweets from inside here. I think they want to go back.


A beautiful building and painting in Belgrade, Montana. I have quite a few pictures of this… I’ll spare ya the hundreds I have.


Ok. One more. This is the last. I promise!


We ended up in Bozeman, Montana by the time we were done. We spent the entire trip on the back roads and had a blast. The boys got to play electronics so they missed most of the ride, but it was worth it for me. I know a little more about my state and am very excited for spring and summer so I can explore even more! The picture above was taken in a park in the middle of Bozeman city. I think it’s awesome they still have things like this in my new home-state.


What? It’s a different angle!

The ride home was uneventful, as we took the interstate for half of it. We left about 10 a.m. and returned just after 7:15 p.m. The boys went straight to bed and another Sunday Drive is over.

However, I am thinking, no more Sunday Drives until someone agrees to pay for the heater to get fixed in the Rendezvous, though. My toes were about to fall off, they were so frozen. If someone had accidentally stepped on them, I’d be toeless!



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