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Moving, Cooking and Quilting…

This entire month has been about moving. We’re doing it as we can and as money permits. It was unexpected but everything keeps falling into place, so it makes it better. We’ve done a few things in the middle of the moving and I thought I’d go through my pictures and catch y’all up.


Last Sunday was Jen’s birthday. We drove home from a few days spent in Montana and Jen never expected a cake. I had found a recipe some time ago and it was for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Bars (very similar to the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups) and was just waiting to make it for her birthday cake.

The first time, I put the stuffing (peanut butter mix) directly into the pan and put the chocolate on top. The second time I made it – and shared with Caiden and Brendan’s classes), I put chocolate on the bottom of the glass pan first. I put the pan on warm in the oven and lined the bottom with chocolate chips. When I figured they were warmed up enough, I used a spatula to spread them out. I chilled this, added the stuffing and put more melted chocolate chips on top. A very rich cake, full of sugary goodness. Jen was ecstatic and told everyone about it. Unfortunately, I have no other pictures of the finished product.


On Thursday of this week, Caiden was told that his friend Matthew (Jen’s brother) had surgery on his ears and was very hungry. He set about making sandwiches to take to Matt (along with some of the desert remains mentioned above). From what Jen says, the wrapping on the cheese slices kicked his butt.


I suspect he was very proud of himself, making sandwiches for Matt. I was laying down with Brendan, who was very tired and wanted to cry and really needed a nap.


A random picture of some fun while packing. They acted like they were The Hulk while getting out of this. It was cute.

And finally, with nothing else really to do except pack and such, I’ve been sewing a lot. I left some stuff unpacked for me to work on and I’ve been having fun. The following is the finished gift for my niece…


I have to get it quilted but there’s the top. I tried to have fun with it and really did enjoy myself – especially with the little “puff pockets!”


Mark bought me a package of 20 fat quarters. I cut them up into 6″ squares (9 per fat quarter) and decided to do a simple 9-Patch. However, the end result isn’t so “simple.” We created sets of 2 and simply reversed the pattern to make two blocks of each set.


One set we created was green and white. Here, the white is outside…


And, using the remaining pieces, a second block was created with the green as prominent. 20 fat quarters with 9 squares cut from each = 180 squares. When put into groups of two, we have 10 sets with 9 squares of each color in the set. Are you following my math?


We tried having the boys help us lay out a pattern. It wasn’t working out too well, so we ended up taking over. Obviously, we did it carefully so the boys would still believe they set the pattern.


This is the finishing pattern. It is a pattern designed by yours truly. It is also already completed and ready for borders. I don’t know why I didn’t get a picture of the finished product. It looks amazing!

I do have pictures of some other finished products, though.


I put the one and only border on the 1600 Jelly Roll quilt. I think it looks good and it’ll go to the home of someone who likes this much teal. A decent sized throw quilt.


This one was created out of a handful of fat quarters and a yard of backing fabric. Very simple and fun to create. I think it’ll be my “new” favorite when it is done at the quilter.

I’m up at our new home right now. I’ve been here since Saturday, working on getting some of the unpacking done that needs doing. It’s been fun hanging out by myself and getting things done without distractions. The first thing I got cleaned up was my quilting room. I don’t have everything in there yet but I managed to get cleaned up what has already been moved to the new house…


The best part was the folding and stacking of all the “flat folds” I own. I can see what I’ve got and work from there, now.


The other side of this small room has shelving for my many jelly rolls and other items. The second bookshelf from the left will have my books on it (when I move them over). The little closet has a box of items in plastic bags that has no home, as yet and a box of scraps. I do mean, scraps. Eventually, I need to sit and sift through those. Maybe come up with an idea to use them up and all gone.


My bedroom. I don’t have curtains or a mattress on my box spring just yet, but this works. I got clothes and other things put away and am just waiting on the rest to show up. Looks much better this way than with boxes stacked everywhere.


The other side of the bedroom. I put my fake fireplace (fireplace that runs on electricity) in my room and actually like it there. The “curtain” on the window is a set of scarves I sewed together. It’ll come down eventually but it works great for some privacy in the bedroom for the moment.

That’s about it. I’ll find out today if I am stuck here until Wednesday. Mark’s truck broke and I’m either going to meet up with him here or he’ll drive it home to Idaho to get it fixed. He’s coming home a week early from work – and that’s not good when so much of the moving still remains. It costs money to move and with him out of work early … well … can I say, “We just might be screwed.”

I’m hopeful, though. So much else went well for this move. Maybe this part will just be a very minor bump and all will work out.

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Want To See More Pictures?

We spent the weekend driving back and forth between our two houses and got a little bit accomplished. In the process, I managed to get some more pictures of our place. We’ve started moving our things in, so occasionally you’ll see some of that.

IMG_4775 A better picture of our front door.


A better view of the living room … one piece of it. It’s a large rectangle, so decorating it will be awkward but fun!


And the shelves are filling up already. We did take down the doors and stuff them carefully and safely in the basement. I have two boys. I can see them getting rough and rowdy and banging into the glass doors… and that would be bad.


What do ya think of the paint in the dining room?


The best part is the purple on the opposing walls. Quite an interesting selection of colors in this house.


Jen is in love with her little hobbit hole bedroom. She thinks it’s the greatest thing…


I guess it’s not too bad, once you get inside it.


It’s temporary, though. She’s going to be working on her own place after the new year. I guess this could do until then … right? She likes it so I’ll leave it alone.


The kitchen is very fun but I’ll be working around some built in structures. I don’t like the placement of the fridge but it’s too big to slide under the cabinets like I’d like.


One wall in the kitchen is full of nails. I’m not sure why. There doesn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to them. I’m looking at pulling all the nails out and attempting to hang my spices like I did in the house we’re at.


I’ve already taken over the shelving in the kitchen with my cookbooks. This is most of them. Only a few didn’t make it up there. I like that little cubby for that reason. Also, you can see a pocket-door bathroom in the kitchen. It has a toilet and sink and is rather small but quaint, as it gives an alternative to using the other bathroom when someone is trying to get cleaned up.


This is a smaller back patio that leads out to a shared decking/back yard area. I’m thinking my freezer would work great here.


To the left, as you walk out our front door, there’s a path overgrown with flowers and small trees leading to a small wood structure with a fire pit on top of it. I’m thinking the wood is covering up an old well, as it’s close to the culvert that goes across our property. Later, I’ll investigate it.


To the right, as you walk out the front door, is a path leading to the side/back yard.


In the back yard, we have a small pond that houses some goldfish right now. We’re not sure how to make them survive the winter. I’m hoping the Professor that lives in the house you see behind ours knows what she’s doing. She’s been tending the place by herself for awhile, since we share back yards and she seems to love flowers. There’s also a shed, which is good for Mark’s tools.


Looking at the house (and the neighbor’s house) from deeper into the side yard. The pond, the little bridge and then a small path leading to our back door. It’s overgrown right now, so pictures will come in the spring, I’m sure.


To the side of the fridge in the kitchen. I nearly forgot to show this one. My little bistro table fits perfectly and the boys can eat breakfast with the sunshine in the mornings, instead of going into the dining room.

That’s about it. A better look at the house itself. I’m hoping we can get all the way moved in by the end of the week and then just stay in Idaho until the end of October. In my last post, I misspoke and said the end of November. In actuality, we’ll be moving officially on November 2nd, after Caiden’s birthday party and our goodbye party to our friends in this area.

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