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Merry Christmas to One and All

I sit at Shari’s in Idaho Falls as I type this. I am alone on Christmas – but that’s ok. I set it up this way. The boys are staying overnight with their Uncle Travis after visiting their paternal grandfather on Christmas Eve. The ex-husband, Mark, is leaving for work and the Nanny, Jen, is spending the evening and tomorrow morning with her family. Instead of sitting alone in our house in Montana, I opted to come down to Idaho Falls and stay in a hotel. If I should get sad or bored, I can call someone and have things to do.

After spending Thanksgiving alone with just my children and no car, I realized that I need to have some means of movement or I get depressed. By being in Idaho Falls, I have options and will not be sad over being completely alone on the holidays.

We had Christmas this morning (Christmas Eve morning to the rest of the planet) as Mark was scheduled to leave for work this morning, right after the unwrapping of all that Santa dropped down our chimney. I’m hopeful I’ll get my camera back tonight and can try to post pictures of that for you tomorrow.

In case you haven’t noticed, the name of my blog changed. I’ve decided that the 1950s lifestyle served its purpose and, while I’m going to try to continue it, the blog has become so much more. It has become a place for me to write what is in my head and let the WordPress world be a part of the 2,467 internet browser tabs I have open in my head all the time. That’s pretty much how my mind works – as with most women on the planet. My mind is always going and very busy – you’ll continue to get updates on what I put to digital paper – only with a slightly different tilt to it, now.

I am still Naia and, for those that missed it, Naia is an acronym. N.A.I.A stands for “Not As I Am.” When I started, my goal was to modify my behavior into that of a woman living in the 1950s – where Christ, Family and Husband were the center of the home. I may not have a husband but the rest I was (and am) firmly committed to. “Not As I Am” was a way of saying that I am acting against my nature and working towards a new way of life – creating a new “norm” for myself.

I’m going to continue on the original path; however, it’s time to start branching out. I will still be N.A.I.A.; however, you will find that my posts will shift and change. I’ll be more of what my nature is – the changes from the past 18 months making themselves known as a mix with what I was and am today.

I hope you continue to visit and read my words. I look forward to comments and suggestions on this journey.


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Getting Settled

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted. The past month and a half has been hectic, to say the least! We got moved by November 1st; although, we were scared it wasn’t going to happen in time. The unpacking isn’t finished but we’re set up pretty nicely with the basement full of boxes. The goal is for me to take one box at a time and start sifting through it all. To date, I haven’t touched any of them. I’ve been running around, taking care of business instead of unpacking the “extras” that are stuffed away. I’m quite sure the extras won’t be “extras” but necessities when I get to them. It’s a matter of finally having a day when I am able to start working on it.


Prior to our moving the extras to the basement, we had quite a bit stuffed into the porch on the front of our house. You can see all that work waiting for me behind my chilling and relaxing, game-playing son.


At one point, this is what our front room (living room) looked like. It has since been sorted through and then moved to the basement if it has no immediate place available.


We were up there the last Saturday before Halloween and the boys were invited to a party down the street from our house. A little girl, Brendan’s age, was having a party and they were invited as we walked around the town, checking out the sites. They had quite a bit of fun but we haven’t had a chance to get back together with those children in the hustle and bustle of getting settled.


I did take a break from unpacking and set out a lattice-pattern table topper to make. I got it made, complete with fuzzy edges and stuffing of heat-resistant batting. It sits on our dining room table, a little crooked but looking mighty fine. I learned that, working with lattice is difficult. It does tend to get “just out of place” while sewing it down. It still looks great, though!


The boys had their going away party on November 2nd. While we were doing some last minute shopping for school clothes before leaving a “bigger city” than what we were moving to, Brendan picked out the suits for he and Caiden to wear to their party. The influence is Leave it to Beaver; Beaver is always having to dress in his “best suit” for a party or whatnot.


On November 6th, they started at their new school. Mama cried, the babies were hyper as all hell and dad just watched.


Caiden has been struggling with his new teacher. He has been acting out and testing his limits. We’ve done some corrective action and it does look like things are getting better. Brendan has been doing great! He seems to love his new teacher and comes home with smiles, every day.


The bus driver didn’t help matters in the mommy weepy department. When I made sure he knew they were new, he said, “Oh, I know. Don’t worry. I’ll take care of them.” Of course, those are direct signals to a momma’s heart to gush tears.


And gush I did, all the way to school. I stalked that school bus the entire way and was right there when my boys climbed off of it. I stopped behind the bus and got out of the car, leaving it to daddy, while I ran to be there when they climbed down the stairs.


They got off the bus and ran like they knew where they were going. The problem is, they did know – and mama didn’t! They followed the children inside and split up as the children did. Kindergartners stayed in the cafeteria and the 2nd graders went out to the playground. I couldn’t figure out which one to follow, so went back and forth between them like an idiot. At one point, a lady tried to stop me and tell me I couldn’t follow my son to his class because I didn’t have a visitors badge. I nearly came unglued on her. She has/had no clue that this was mama with two babies in a public school for the very first time! Fortunately, daddy had the presence of mind to get permission and informed the lady that we had permission and she let us pass. He intervened between me and the obstacle to my children (the lady) just before I completely lost it on her! Those precious 20 seconds of her interfering and my son was lost. I found out later, he knew exactly where his classroom was and went right to it.


On a side note, Jen’s bad luck continues. We gave her money to rent a Budget Truck to move all of her things from Idaho Falls to our new home and it was in her name. We parked it at her apartment and, while unloading it, someone hit it. This *&^%$ of a lady driver backed right into it. I’m still confused how she missed this HUGE truck in her rear view mirror but, miss it, she did. Jen’s moving truck has a small scratch, barely noticeable and nothing too bad. The Budget company just wrote it off with no words said. The lady broke the bumper of the car she was driving – and, according to what we overheard, it wasn’t her car. Poor Jen. Just can’t keep vehicles from getting tormented, lately.

Oh! Did I mention? Jen has her own place, now. She has her own 2-bedroom apartment here in the same town we live in. It cost us a little over $2500 and a lot of patience, but she’ll be able to branch out and have her own life without having to constantly worry about us. Of course, she’s spent quite a bit of time at my house anyway. The upheaval and all, it’s nice having her around. I dropped her off this morning. I’m planning on leaving her to total silence until tomorrow afternoon. Let her figure out what she wants to do, y’know? We’ll see if it lasts. LOL

There’s a lot more to say but this was a quick run-down to get back into the swing of writing things again.

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