Let’s Talk About Quilts

Hi! I know, it’s been a few days again. I have been very busy working on quilts and other stuff, though. I think it is time to catch up on what I’ve done there…


I got this one back from the quilter on Christmas Eve. It has already been given to its new owner. I gave it to Jen’s brother Matt. I love this and need to make another one, though. It’s just stunning with the colors of green (close to teal) and black. I like the plus and minus values with the color coordination, as well.


The skill builder quilt came home on Christmas Eve as well. He did great on fixing up the center star that I had such difficulty with. It has been sent home with its new owner, as well. It went to my friend Meg. From her words, she loves it and uses it often. That makes me smile.


My favorite quilter of all time very nicely covered up the goofs on my part.


And “Flower Patch” has been sent to its new home. Mom should expect the baby any day and I even created a pillow to go with it.


It’s a baby quilt but big enough for a twin bed. Mom and baby can share it and, as her soon-to-come daughter gets older, it can go on the bed. The pillow made from leftovers is handy for a nursing mom and later can decorate the room.


The big block 9-patch is perfect for showing off these beautiful colors and I actually bought another set of these fabrics. I couldn’t not. They are very beautiful and I want to make another quilt, identical, for myself.


I had a small bag full of 5″ green squares in a variety of color hues and patterns. I put this together rather quickly to show off the beautiful yet jumbled mess. I added a 4.5″ border of white to frame it and then used some of what was left from my quilt store to add a smaller second border.


It looks just right in the spare bedroom downstairs. I could ask for a little longer on the sides but this is perfect as a twin quilt. I can’t wait to get it to the quilter and back so I can change the color of this room. I’ve also had several requests for this quilt to go to their home. I’ve declined all of them, as yet. We are calling this one, “Going Green.”


Two years ago or more, I created this quilt. I loved the mix of colors and have always called this quilt, “Piano Key Stair Step.”


As you can see, I have learned a lot since I originally made this. My squares line up a lot better, now. Most of the time, anyway.

My brother in Connecticut was making noise that he wants a quilt made by me. He doesn’t care what it looks like or how it is made – homemade is better than store bought. I think, when this one is quilted, I’ll send it to him. I hope he can ignore all the mistakes – it was several years ago that I made this.


I was trying to decide which back to use and, in the end, picked green. I love the way it contrasts so sharply.


I forgot to get a picture but I picked this tan on white to go as a border and back on the quilt top I made with my mom in Oklahoma.


I made this quilt top last weekend. It’s called, “Her Choice.” The fabrics and initial few blocks were not made by me. I was given this set and went with what had been started by the lady before me. I used most of what she had and couldn’t figure out her plan for what pieces were left. This is a good sized lap quilt and I think I’ll hold on to it when it’s done being quilted. I recently realized that I’ve given so many quilts away and haven’t kept one for our house. We only have one in the living room. We need at least three!

I am going to sign off here. My mouse got coffee spilled on it (by me) and isn’t working quite right and it is throwing off everything I try to do. There is more to show you! More news about quilting! I’ll be back with it when the mouse is dry again.


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Picture Catch-Up, Pt 4

The next set of pictures to show off is Caiden’s school performance for Christmas. They did a theme of “The Littlest Christmas Tree” and it was very darling.


There’s my gorgeous second-grader, walking in with his class and looking for his mommy and daddy. I was very glad that Mark got to be home for his two weeks while the school productions were going on. He got to see Caiden sing! I was very excited and very teary-eyed while watching Caiden actually SING during this production. He’ll never understand how proud I was just because he belted out words to songs with his class. After several years of him *not* doing so, it was a joy to see it this time!


And – he even did the hand motions!


So cute.



That’s about all the pictures I have. Well, I really have a bunch more but they are all of the same picture – Caiden singing along with his classmates. There’s only so many of those you want to see, right? He is so cute and I was so proud of him. I can’t say it enough!


Y’all remember the “Star Child” from last year? This year, he was back again and left little presents around the house for the boys almost daily. I really have to thank Jen – she kept it going while I was in Oklahoma so the magic wouldn’t be lost. In this picture, you can see the Star Child set up a rope ladder to get to the top of that book shelf in my home. He was up on top with a Skylanders game package for my children the last Saturday before Christmas. I was very glad he did it that day so the boys could have time to play Skylanders with their daddy before he left for work for four weeks. *wink, wink* *nudge, nudge*


I finally found a picture of the back to one of the quilts I made with my mom while I was in Oklahoma. We didn’t have enough fabric for a complete back, so she came up with this idea for the back. I love it – especially since her and I did it together, y’know?


Before Dad left for work, he played with the boys. One of the things he did was glue some crayons to cardboard and melt them with a hair dryer. The boys were having a great time watching the wax melt. We’ll have to find a hot glue gun and do this again – maybe with a rainbow instead of a big mix of colors.


You can see Brendan’s watching me with the camera out of the corner of his eye. Before I picked up the camera, they were both watching the crayons pretty intently.


On December 23rd, we had a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner in one. Mark wasn’t in town for Thanksgiving and he was leaving on December 24th (after we opened presents). This was our way of making sure we had Christmas with daddy. It was a lot of fun with all three adults pitching in, getting things ready and laughing and having a good time in the process.


Our Christmas Eve was December 23rd (we did Christmas on the 24th – just before Mark was supposed to leave for work). The boys got some “Bear Bottoms” pajamas, a quilt from mom and all the presents under the tree that were bought by us for us – not Santa gifts.


Brendan in his new jammies and quilt from mommy. It was actually a community effort getting the quilt together in time this year (since I didn’t get it done last year and moved this year when trying to finish it).


Caiden in his jammies with his quilt. The stuff in the background is Mark prepping to leave the next morning. We tried to keep things upbeat so the boys wouldn’t get sad about his leaving.


OOOH! Look! I got another quilt kit for Christmas!


Why is Jen grinning from ear to ear? Well, when I was making that scarf for her, I kept telling her how much my mom would love it and I couldn’t wait to mail it out to her. I had to hide the fact that I know Jen likes purple and I was making a purple scarf somehow! So I lied. It’s Christmas! It’s allowed during Christmas!

P.S., the colors match the quilt I made for her in 2012, by the way. That was the best part of the surprise.

P.S.S., see the bag beside Jen? She was teased for two days about what was in the bag. When it came time for the scarves to be delivered to everyone, I told her she had a choice, “You can open the bag or give everyone what is left under the tree. Not both.” After teasing her for two days, she thought it was highly unfair to ask her to give up what was in the bag to deliver the remaining gifts under the tree. Only up until she saw that she had a scarf under the tree, as well.

P.S.S., in the process of ripping open the bag, Jen didn’t notice an envelope under the tree as well. It was a gift certificate for two pre-paid books on order for her at the local bookstore. She got those two days after Christmas, when I finally remembered there was still an envelope under there.


Brendan’s scarf became a bonnet – and still is, whenever he wears it.


Caiden and Mark with their scarves.


My boys opening a gift from their Grandma Donna together.


Finally, the bag she’s been teased about. Only problem is, Mark had a great time wrapping it in a lot of tape to make it difficult to open.


A couch pillow that says, “Life is better in cowgirl boots” and some country place mats for her non-existent dining room table. She got her first set of cowgirl boots this winter so the pillow goes great with her theme for the winter.


The boys and dad got a joint gift – two helicopters to play with dad with. Unfortunately, they never once worked and Mark declined to return them for different ones. They are hidden in my closest so the boys can, hopefully, forget about the joint present they got and never got to use.


Mark also got a huge military duffle bag. It is strong enough and big enough to fit both my children at the same time but not quite big enough for Mark.


And with that, our early Christmas Eve comes to an end…


The children all nestled in their beds…


with dreams of Christmas morning filling their head.


Merry Christmas to All.. and to all a Good Night!

(a month late, of course)


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