Inner Tube Swimming

This past Monday, we finally got to take the inner tube and head out to play with it. My boys have never been on one, so it was a special treat for them. We took Dad to the Funny Farm (Fun Farm Bridge) to try it out.



We tied a string to it so it wouldn’t get too far away from us and let them drift a bit with the current. The boys loved the inner tube!


Have I mentioned Caiden loves water?


I even went out for a few minutes, even though it was sized for a small child…


Jen climbed on but the shock of the cold water made her lose her composure for a few minutes…


I posted a rough picture of Jen so it is only fair I post a second picture… a sane one.


Jen walked out a bit with both boys on the tube at the same time.


Jen walked away. Dad still had ahold of the string but we let them float alone for a few minutes.


Jen took the boys on a walk down the stream to where we were going to have our picnic dinner.



Caiden was bouncing the inner tube after dinner, splashing himself pretty good.


Caiden helping Brendan in the water.


Jen interrupting brother time by splashing both of them pretty good.


Baywatch, anyone?

And then, yesterday, my son got a letter in the mail…


He worked really hard at getting the envelope open.


He read the entire thing by himself. It was a letter from his Kindergarten teacher, welcoming him to her class at the end of August. The awesome part is that his upcoming Kindergarten teacher was his Preschool teacher. There couldn’t be a happier child on the planet!

I’m quite sure you’re wondering by now, “Why are you finally posting about all this activity?”

Well, tomorrow morning, my family and I (minus dad, who has to leave for work) are leaving for a weeks’ vacation in Oklahoma with my parents, my brother (and his family) I haven’t seen in nearly 20 years or more. It’ll be a 22+ hour drive over two days but the result should be a lot of fun times. I had to clean out my pictures folder before I could take pictures of our trip!


Prepping what I need to take with me to take over my mom’s kitchen for a week. I volunteered to take care of all breakfast and dinner foods for the week. My mom and dad aren’t young anymore. It’s the least I can do.


Making some garlic butter and other butters to take to my dad. I’ve been promising for nearly a year to mail him some. Now is a perfect opportunity to make and take with!


My spices. A must. I don’t plan on having my parents buy spices they won’t use after I leave. I’d rather bring my own and then they don’t have a bunch of extras when we are gone.

Back to packing! Tomorrow morning will come early and, of course, Mark wants me to make him some food for his last few days in town before I leave in the morning. He wants me to make 2 dinners for him to keep fed the four days he’ll be “home alone.”

In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. He’ll still go out to eat every chance he gets.

Keep watching! I’ll keep y’all posted on our travels and fun! Right now, I need to figure out what quilts I am taking down to show off to my mom. I mean, really, could you see me visiting my parents for the first time in two years and *not* showing off my quilts? I just can’t decide which ones to take! Someone needs to heeeeeelllllllppppppp!

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Let’s See…

It’s been quite a few since I’ve posted pictures last. This game we play does take up almost all of the extra time I have in my day. School is starting, though. That will cut things back down again. So, I’m going to go through the pictures I have and fill y’all in on our summer.


Towards the end of July, I had an entire day to myself. I took the scrap pieces I purchased in Virginia City and pieced them together into a small lap quilt.



They were mostly pieced by hand and, judging by the state of the backing fabric of each square, a bit old. Slippery little buggers but I managed to get them pieced together in a jumbled mess (deliberate).


One of the squares was even pieced as a fan. I made that one piece the top left of the quilt.


I bought a pseudo-silky backing and used a decorative stitch to bind the two pieces together. There’s no tacking in the middle. I really did want it loose and I did not want to ruin the beauty of the top in any way – even with tacking it all together.



We had dinner with our neighbors at our house. It was fun to see the four children getting along so well. For dinner, I made chili and put it in the crock pot to keep warm and potato soup on the stove. Nearly all the food was gone by the end of the night. I call that a win!


Kickin it outside on the grass after dinner and a massive water fight. The only adult not involved was the neighbor’s wife. She was holding the baby, so she got a free pass. When I say massive water fight, I’m serious – everyone was soaked. Time for some pie and sittin on the blankets.


Their two boys and my two boys sharing toys. It was great to see the interaction and camaraderie that only comes with being young and full of love of life!


Jen came home with a scooter for the boys. Yard sales are great, aren’t they? This is Caiden giving it a whirl for the first time. He didn’t take too long before he understood the basics and stopped falling off. Of course, mom is still a worry-wart, so he’ll wear pads and such for a bit longer.


Brendan is watching Caiden on the scooter. I’m quite sure he wants to give it a try. We haven’t started teaching him bike riding without training wheels, just yet.


And, of course, is there anything better than an ice cream cone on a hot summer’s day?


Some of the pictures I get are just amazing. The camera is so fast!

I’ll sign off there and post some more in a little bit. I’m trying to get caught up. Running my own server for Minecraft does take a bit of my time. I’ve a few people on there that aren’t part of my family so I’d hate to drop the server and shut it down on them. We’ll find a balance as school starts, I’m sure.

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