Blackmail Creates Hard Workers

This past weekend, I had the urge to finally clean the kitchen and dining room floors. They were getting rather disgusting and, after waiting for quite some time for Jen to do it, I decided I would get it done. However, before I could get started, I had a brilliant idea!

Everyone in the family wanted to play Minecraft. It’s what we do on the weekends – if we aren’t doing anything else. I told them all that there would be no Minecraft until my kitchen and dining room floors were done.

This is the result:






And, of course, everyone’s a critic… Brendan was telling Caiden he missed a spot….


I couldn’t believe the gall of Brendan – he might be turning 5 but his brother is still bigger!

I ended up getting down on the floor and helping. There were quite a few spots they missed. It was fun and we had quite a few laughs over washing the kitchen and dining room floors. I have one question, though…

Where was Jen?

I’ve looked over the pictures twice and there’s no Jen. The one that didn’t clean the floors before I pulled the plug on the computers is the only one NOT helping.


This means I have to come up with a really good punishment for her. I think I’ll cancel my Netflix account. She’ll be screwed. She loves her TV and movies on Netflix.

We got the kitchen and dining room sparkling and shiny and settled in to play Minecraft. It was cute – the babies working so hard to get something done so they could play.

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Picture Review 2

And now back to sifting through the 600 and some-odd pictures that have accumulated.


After Jen took them to church on Sunday morning (I had a kidney stone and wasn’t moving), I had the boys make lunch. I taught them how to make hotdogs and noodles.



After poking noodles in all the hot dog pieces, the boys were required to stir the noodles until done. They got a little bored waiting but did enjoying “cooking lunch.”


Brendan holds up one of them to show what it looks like.


I helped Caiden pour the boiling water into a strainer.


Not the healthiest of lunches but there ya have it! It was actually quite good. I’m sure we’ll do this again!


I cracked 4 eggs on Easter to try out a new recipe I found for deviled eggs. I’ll have to throw that recipe up on here, as well. However, the eye balls staring at me while cracking the eggs was a little much for my peace of mind!


A wild batch of banana bread I made that turned out delicious and since have been unable to recreate. I’m going to have another go at it in a few days and see if I can’t get it “just right” again!

And now, for the highlight of our past few months. I fed my boys WORMS for breakfast!

Yes. Worms!

I saw a recipe on Facebook and tried it with the babies. I had Jen doing all the work. I thought it would be fun for her to learn it and do it.


She tried putting it into the straws as is. It seemed all the liquid was falling out the bottom of the straw and not filling it appropriately. Mark came up with the idea to put marshmallows on the bottom of the straw.


They stuffed a marshmallow on the bottom of each straw but it didn’t work. The warm jello mix melted the marshmallows and still leaked out of the bottom of the straw. So, they pulled all the marshmallows back off the straw and filled it the way the recipe said. We just hoped for the best.


The next morning, I woke up Jen super early and had her blow all the “worms” out of the straws. She got it accomplished and we set out the boys’ breakfast just before waking them up.



I went and told the boys that breakfast was ready and Brendan was the first one out of his bed and into the kitchen. The look on his face was priceless but he was brave enough to try it.


And then came Caiden…


He guessed right away that it was Jello but he still enjoyed it.


I call it a success and Jen learned something new to entertain children. What I didn’t get pictures of was later on. I was heading out to get something done and there were worms all over my driveway from the light rain we had gotten overnight. The boys ran around, picking up all the worms and putting them safely on the grass so I wouldn’t run them over. I told them the worms had to stay safe or they’d be dinner. They weren’t impressed.


They say that packaging isn’t always indicative of what is inside of something. This has never been proven truer to me. On Friday night, we had a friend over and had a few drinks. A casual get-together and the final opening and tasting of a bottle that Jen and I bought when we did our traipse through Montana a few months back. It is the first batch of Moonshine from a new distillery in Ennis, Montana. We’ve waited forever to open it and the anticipation built to sky-bound limits!

Well, I’m here to tell you – straight up Moonshine is disgusting! Gross! I can’t believe I waited so long for something that was so decidedly nasty!


Along with opening that bottle, we also opened another we got from Yellowstone last summer. Both were a let-down, when drank straight up.

We (Jen and then I) ran to the store to get something to mix with it. After a bit of fiddling with drink recipes, we managed to make it drinkable.


From there, the conversation flowed faster than the Moonshine and we had a great evening. It was fun relaxing, telling funny stories and just having a casual drink with friends. I’ve long since passed the age where going to bars is fun but occasionally, I’ll enjoy a drink in the company of a friend or two.


On a final note in this picture “catch up,” I have to tell you about this delicious new egg salad sandwich recipe. It calls for this Durkee Famous Sauce plus the yellow part of the egg. Because it is a bit on the spicy and kick-your-hiney-side, I threw in some Miracle Whip and made it up that way. It is rather delicious and I’ll try to write it up as soon as I can.


If you notice, in that picture, is a huge puddle of yellow liquid.

Well, that’s Mountain Dew. Mark carries a 64-ounce mug around with his drink of choice throughout the day. It’s the only soda he permits himself and he drinks off of it all day long.

After finishing mixing up the egg salad, I licked the Miracle Whip spoon and then the Durkee’s spoon. It burned my tongue so bad, I scrambled to find a drink and reached for his Mountain Dew (the closest thing I could find). Unfortunately, I forgot his lid was broken and managed to dump his entire 64-ounce soda all over the counter, myself and the floor.

Not to be daunted, I drank the last few drops to cool my sweltering and hurting tongue and left the room to regain my dignity. Jen cleaned up the ‘Dew.


Yeah. I’ll close with that personal embarrassment.

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