Answers & Winner Revealed!

Good morning! I know several of you are waiting for the answers and the winner of the contest I ran last week. Unfortunately, my time management skills are lacking. I forgot that I had parents coming and needed to prep for that. Add in a small kitty that got very sick very fast and you’ve someone who suddenly finds all her time gone.


So, without further adieu, let me announce the winner: Meagan Champion! She was the first to post here with the answers and the correct ones, at that! Please send me an email ( with your address. Your prize (shown above) will go out the first of next week.


Now, for the reveal of the matching pairs with names:

  • A1 & F5: Bow Tie and True Lover’s Knot
  • A2 & C1: Fly Foot and Dutchman’s Puzzle
  • A3 & B5: Old Maid’s Patience & 4-Star Patchwork
  • A4 & B1: Monkey Wrench
  • A5 & C2: Log Cabin
  • B2 & E3: Snail’s Trail
  • B3 & E4: Zig Zag
  • B4 & C5: Gold Fish or Fish Block
  • C3 & E1: (name unknown)
  • C4 & #2: Rising Star & Tumbling Blocks
  • D1 & E5: Pineapple
  • D2 & F1: Castle Wall
  • D3 & F2: Sunshine & Shadow plus 9-Patch
  • D4 & F4: Crazy Star
  • D5 & F3: Thousand Pyraminds (Is this a typo and they meant to put Thousand Pyramids?)

Thank you for playing with me and I enjoyed the responses on Facebook and here!


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