A Puzzle Quilt, A Contest

In my perusing of the magazines the other day, I found a puzzle quilt that was wonderfully done by artist Margit Echols. I won’t tell you the issue or the date so you can’t cheat. If you can post here an answer to the question, I’ll mail the first one to post the winning answer the following:


Jelly Roll of: Warm Memories by Kansas Troubles for Moda


The quilt below was made by Margit Echols with thirty blocks, but only fifteen patterns. Every pattern is made up exactly the same way twice – only the colors and fabrics are different. Can you match up each of the fifteen pairs?

Margit was inspired to make the puzzle quilt after seeing a puzzle in the April 1983 issue of GAMES Magazine showing fifty elaborately decorated Ukranian Easter eggs, all different, except for two which were identical. The puzzle was to find the pair. Soon she was playing with fabrics and arranging a sampler quilt that was also a puzzle of matching pairs.

Margit showed her idea to Jane Norman at The Metropolitan Museum of Art where they both work, and Jane encouraged her to talk to Ronnie Shushan, Editor of GAMES. She arranged an appointment and her idea was received enthusiastically. She worked out a sampler to be composed of fifteen pairs of well-known traditional patchwork patters; the game would be to find the pairs.

This concept pleased everyone at GAMES, and it was decided that the quilt puzzle would be published in the December ’83 issue. Margit now had to finish the quilt by late August to make the publication date.

She discovered it was not an easy puzzle nor an easy quilt to make. Not only did she need to select fifteen patterns that lent themselves to radically different color treatments, but she wanted to take the overall design of the quilt into account She wanted the colors and values of the blocks to be compatible and balanced so the quilt would work as good quilt design, as well as a puzzle.

It took her quite awhile to work this out, but she did get the top made by her deadline with the help of Emiko Loeb.

After the top was finished, Margit showed it to me. I have long been fan of hers (and her book, Quilter’s Start-to-Finish Workbook). We had often talked about “doing something together.” The time seemed right. We both thought that the quilt would make a great poster. My background is in museum publications, and I had just designed some posters for the Metropolitan Museum. This seemed “a natural.” Margit talked to GAMES and arranged for a small ad in the back of the magazine alongside the answer for the puzzle. By November I had designed and produced an American Sampler poster. Margit and I found we make a good team.

Margit allows that this sampler is probably the best quilt that she has made, with Emiko’s assistance.


By rows and columns. Across, number it 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and down, letter it as A, B, C, D, E and F.

Click the picture to see a larger view of it. Also, CTRL-Scroll on this new page will enlarge by degrees.

So, browse the picture and find the pairs. First to guess the correct answer wins. All answers must be posted here. Have fun and, maybe I’ll do a write up of each pattern that I see. Maybe! Some of it looks a little hard to me.


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5 thoughts on “A Puzzle Quilt, A Contest

  1. Meagan Campion

    1. 1A & 5F
    2. 2A & 1C
    3. 3A & 5B
    4. 4A & 1B
    5. 5A & 2C
    6. 1D & 5E
    7. 2B & 3E
    8. 3B & 4E
    9. 4B & 5C
    10. 2D &1F
    11. 3C & 1E
    12. 4C & 2E
    13. 3D & 2F
    14. 4D & 4F
    15. 5D & 3F

  2. Beverly Farrell

    A1-F5; A2-C1; A3-B5; A4-B1; A5-C2; B2-E5; B3-E4; B4-C5; C3-E1; C4-E2; D1-E3; D2-F1; D3-F2; D4-F4; D5-F3

  3. Meagan Campion

    Good morning! Are you going to post the names of the blocks? This was fun! Have you chosen a winner?

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