Forgotten Friday

I changed my mind. Since I am working on trying to finish up tops that I started and never completed, I’m going to do Forgotten Friday. If I am working on a block or quilt from the magazines of years ago, I’ll still be able to put it here as well.

This week, the forgotten quilt was “Basket Weave.” I started it long ago and it sat, waiting for me to get it finished. I wrote up instructions on how to create it via jelly rolls and a few small pieces. Can you believe I forgot to take a picture of the original drawing? Looking at the drawing I made, it says, “QN Nov ’75” and “Basket Weave, modified.”


This is how the Basket Weave sits now. I will be adding more and, quite perhaps, manage to write up my modified version at the same time. Next time, I will use more of a defining color for the weave part. I think it gets lost in this one too easily.


Because this one sat around waiting to be finished for so long, I was utterly amazed at how perfectly my seams came together. One or two mishaps but, hey, no one is perfect. Look at those seams!


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