Forgotten Friday: Hexagon Quilt

HI there! Another forgotten quilt top: Hexagon. I started this a good six months ago, maybe even a year. I decided that I needed to start getting things finished so, this one was next. It is not complete but here’s a good start:


A few charm packs, cut into half-hexagon pieces using MSQC’s half-hexagon template, lined up on the quilt wall with an off-white charm pack cut the same way. MSQC talks about cutting Hexagons in half to make it easier to sew. You’ll be sewing rows instead of trying to sew around each angle all the time.


If you look close, you’ll see diamond shapes missing fillers in the top I designed. I set about figuring that out yesterday. Here’s what I came up with… (I thought it was rather ingenious, since I hate to applique and avoid it at all costs).


I needed to attach these three together with the green a lot smaller.


First step was to attach the green to the left off-white piece. Simple. Line it up, sew a quarter inch. Open and iron flat.


To add the second off-white piece, lay it down where it folds open correctly, lining it up perfectly with the seam below it. You see how the long side rests against the ironed seam of the first off-white/green piece? Stitch a quarter inch.


Before I trim the green from the back, I open and iron flat to make sure I had it line up correctly. But, you will cut off the green on the back.


Open and iron flat. Perfection.


Place into where it needs to go. You can also do it with all off-white to fill in the gaps where the off-white is at.


I spent the afternoon filling in all the gaps. Today, I might sew the rows together and complete the top. I think it looks amazing and I apologize, I only have this picture. The picture of the entire top waiting to be sewn is on my phone, not the computer. However, do you see how those triangles fit perfectly? I love it!

I will post completion.


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