Training Tuesday: Pattern Recreation, Pt 3

Good morning! I spent all day yesterday and the first part of this morning sorting all my thousands of pictures, going over my last post and adding some notes I did not add when I first wrote it. You can go back and review my changes HERE. When I left you, I had the sashing done and two of the borders – the left and right side. Today, we’ll finish the quilt top and then in my next post, I will show you how I came up with my fabric requirements.


When I left you last week, we were adding the first of the borders to the Crib Quilt. That is its official name, since it started as a crib quilt in the original article in the Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine. I should mention that, when I started this, I had exactly two yard of both the greens in this top. That’s all and not one inch more. I have done the entire quilt with the idea of using the black/white I have in my stash plus just those two yards. I say this because the pattern changed again when I ran out of the dark green.


This is the top with the first border complete. I will admit that I warped the top slightly on the bottom right. I was going to unstitch and try to fix it but decided I wasn’t interested in doing so. When the long armer is done with this one, it’ll be nice and neat.


This is when we get back to the original pattern – which calls for a tiny border of the black. We’ll add the fabric requirements for this to our fourth page – Fabric Requirements under the black color – (2) 1 1/2″ x 80 1/2″ and (2) 1 1/2″ x 56 1/2″.


How do I know how big to cut the borders? Well, if I am not using my Quilter’s FabriCalc, I am counting on my graph paper. Remember the 12’s and 2’s we wrote down for reference? That will tell us how big and wide our quilt top should be – in a perfect world with perfect seams. Add the middle (the blocks and sashing), add the first border and there you have your size.


And there it is – the tiny black border. Now for the final border which, originally, was to be 12″ all the way around with four corner Pinwheels to decorate it.


This is where I ran into the problem. I didn’t have enough of the dark green left. I had already made my 12″ x 12″ Pinwheels in anticipation, even! I stared at the top and stared at what I had left of the fabric and stared at the top and stared at what I had of the fabric and…


And threw the Crib Quilt to the side, added the final border on this quilt and trimmed all the excess. If you recall, I was quilting this one (with straight lines and embroidery) by myself and decided to add another border *after* the quilting was done. So, I got this one all put together and trimmed nicely. It is just waiting for binding, at this point. I’m scared to do my own binding on it but I do want to finish it before my vacation so I can take it with me. Not to mention, this quilt is entirely mine from start to finish. Yes, Jen helped with ironing while I was making the main squares but, it’s mine! I want to do the binding, not have my long armer do it. I’m scared …

While I was working on this, I was thinking about the Crib Quilt, trying to decide what to do about the final border. I did not want to spend any more money on it. I’m planning a vacation! I don’t want to spend money!


I sorted my sewing room. I watched Mark, Jen and Liz sleep (all afternoon!) and my boys played on their electronics. Finally, I just decided to cut it in half. The border is 5 1/2″ with the corner units chopped down to 5 1/2″ themselves. The fabric requirements for this part? I didn’t write them up. However, for next weeks’ post, when we learn how to add it all together, I will have the amount ready. My son wanted to say HI for this picture.


For now, this top is in a place of honor in my dining room, waiting for me to decide on backing and take it to the long armer. I’m not so terribly ambitious as to try and quilt TWO of them in the same six months. See ya next week for the conclusion!


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2 thoughts on “Training Tuesday: Pattern Recreation, Pt 3

  1. That is really pretty with all the greens. Thanks for sharing.

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