Mystery Monday: #2, Part Two (Final)

Good morning! Did you miss me yesterday? I ran some errands with Mark and ended up wasting the entire day away. Wasn’t a bad day, over all. I did manage to get things for the house and then the fabric to start the NEXT Mystery Monday quilt. It is the patriotic one I want to have done before Fourth of July – including quilting!

Speaking of quilting, I attempted to do my own quilting on my Singer Futura Sewing/Embroidery Machine. I did pretty good but I had two out of ten failures. I have to unstitch two embroidered blocks. I’ll show you at the end of this post.

Are you ready for part two and the final pieces of the puzzle that is Mystery Monday? When I left you last week, we had a bunch of 9-Patches sewn and cut, ready for placement into our top. Today, we’ll assemble the top and add the border to it. That will finish it – unless you want to add another border. If you do, my measurements for the backing are no longer correct. You can find the measurements and the cutting requirements HERE, in Part One.

Assembly is easy. We’ve done all the hard work. From here, we place our pieces on our design wall the way we want them and sew them all together. The pattern we are doing today is below:


Row(s) ONE, THREE, FIVE, SEVEN and NINE, with block letters: A B A B A B A

Row(s) TWO, FOUR, SIX, EIGHT, with block letters: B C B C B C B

Here is a picture:


Sew it together. Piece by piece, row by row. When finished, we’ll add borders. The (6) 5 1/2″ x WOF lime pieces are your border. Go ahead and add them in, at this point and I’ll tell ya what we created!


  • Pattern: Wild Irish Rose
  • Creator: Judy Martin
  • From: The Quilter’s Newsletter
  • Issue Date: March, 1982
  • Description: “This new variation of an Irish Chain is a cinch to make either by traditional method or using the strip piecing technique we are currently discussing in QNM. We show it in green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, but you could make an equally attractive version in the colors of your choice.

The above picture is mine. The below picture is the original:



And the recommended quilting in Block C. Your finished size, after border, should be 52″ x 64″. Add another border, if you wish. Make it longer, bigger. I may add the red as a border when I’m done with all the embroidery. Yeah, I know. Backwards. I didn’t think of it before. We’ll see if I can do it!

Pretty fast, simple, easy and beautiful, yes? Well, I attempted to use my embroidery machine to quilt this one. I thought it would be fun to do it myself. I got 8 good blocks, ruined 2 blocks (have to finish ripping out and re-embroider) and have 2 left to do. Here is the progress:


I sandwiched it, pinned it with a little help from the family…


And stuck it on the Singer Futura Sewing/Embroidery Machine:



Doesn’t that look awesome?


This is what it is supposed to look like.


I forgot about the weight of the fabric so I had two of them “jump” out of place. Here is the second of the two that I am unstitching. Not quite done. When I am, I am sure I’ll share!


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