Backwards Friday: Contest Winning Blocks, Pt 1

What does Backwards Friday mean?

It means I am going backwards in time to play with quilt blocks of times gone by.

Each Friday, I will introduce a new block from some of the old magazines that I have laying around. I have a few hundred of them, so it will be fun to find new blocks for each Friday. I will research the block. I will write it up, the best way I know, using “modern” methods. Then, I will post the block here for y’all to play with. If you make it, please let me know. You can share pictures on my Facebook wall if you are unable to do so here.

  • Block: Patchwork Trim for Shawl
  • From: The Quilter’s Newsletter
  • Issue Date: July, 1975
  • Description: “Here are detailed block drawings of most of the w
  • inning entries in QN’s Patchwork Contest. The pattern pieces used for all these blocks are graphed at right. (The patterns are also printed on page 26 for smaller size.) To duplicate any of these blocks, simply count the number of diamonds, triangles, and squares in the block picture, and cut patches accordingly. Be sure to allow 1/4″ for seams. The Court Jester block requires an additional diamond which is 2″ across from A to B.”


For the next few weeks, I’m going to attempt to recreate the patterns that are included as contest entries from 1975. I am including the files to print and cut for templates for the blocks I am going to recreate. If you wish to try the block of the week with the templates, great. Otherwise, when possible, I will simplify it with modern methods.

Included PDF Files:

This first week is going to be “Patchwork Trim for Shawl.” I have used the templates but upsized them to 5″ (plus seam allowance) because I really dislike using small pieces. However, I did include an extra PDF file that you can print and use to make smaller versions of the blocks I am going to present.


The number of blocks you cut depends on how big you want this piece. You can use it as a border, as shown above or as a quilt in and of itself (shown below).


It is basically the alternating of Blocks A and B. You can sew them in rows and then attach the rows together. The only Y-Seam is when you attach the borders together in the corner (the first picture). If you can get it to politely sit around the quilt you want to add it to, then you only have to do a Y-Seam at the corners.

There really are not other instructions for this block. Lay it out in the design you want using Blocks A and B, sew them together (one row at a time) and then attach the rows together.

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I did not sew mine together because I am pondering adding it as a border to another quilt and it’s not done. I can’t measure how many of these I need until I finish assembling the top. When and if I do, I will post a picture. As always, if you have any questions, please ask!


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