WIP Wednesday (Late)

Good morning! I did not post a WIP Wednesday last week. My back was killing me and I didn’t get nearly half done of what I needed to. This week, I just let the day slip past me. We got cable installed in our home and everything else took a back seat while I reacquainted myself with what cable has to offer. We haven’t really had cable since my oldest was 2 – Caiden is now 8. Brendan is starting to like sports and I felt bad keeping him from being able to watch games he hears about at school (case in point, the Super Bowl – he was rooting for the Seahawks). The local cable company had a good offer, so I took it.

I did get mobile again this week. So far, my back is strong and steady with no pain in sight. On Tuesday, I decided I wanted to do some mindless sewing. I didn’t want to have a plan or a pattern. I just wanted to sew.


I went to my sewing room and picked up a stack of tumbler blocks I had been making out of scraps. I decided I was going to put them in a paper bag and just pull one out and start sewing them randomly.


I looked around my sewing room to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything in my tumbler-creation stash and found a basket + box full of scraps that have been sitting there for, at least, 3 years. I started picking through it.


It was at this point, I remembered I had started a random scrap quilt out of leftovers and was sewing them together. They are 4 1/2″ x 2″ before sewing together.


I kept digging through the box and sorting out the pieces not sewn together and finding scraps I hadn’t finished cutting into these 4 1/2″ x 2″ so went ahead and started doing that.


I found an entire set of blocks that were sewn together and some pieces that were the same size stuffed in the box + basket I was playing with. I laid them out on my design wall, found I was missing one blue 9-patch and 6 solid cuts. I pieced the six solid cuts from matching scraps and found enough to make another blue 9-patch. Since it was on my design wall and looked so nice, I went ahead and sewed it all together. I’m not sure when and why I started a quilt like this but, here it is – finished some 3 years later. I’ll have to look for borders and backing to get it ready for the long armer.

Jumping back into the same box + basket that I had started rifling through, I found another set of blocks that were not completed. They were of a darker patriotic color scheme and beautiful. I do remember this set and wonder why I never finished. I started them in the fall of 2012, which would make them a little over two years old.


I finished them up and set them on the design wall. I started pondering what fabric I had to offset – create a quilt from these 9-patches and alternating solids, like the previous one.


I found a beautiful eagle print stuffed away in a patriotic wooded box and put it up on the wall. From here, I was looking at different ways I could accomplish finishing this top.


I could sew them all the way around like this – but I wouldn’t have enough to do more than one round.


I could space them out with a coordinating solid fabric (once I found one in my stash).


The center really is very pretty. It’s actually created to be part of a QOV quilt. I’m not sure I would give it away, though. I’ll ponder on that while I finish it up.


I never did get to do my mindless sewing of random tumblers. Perhaps another day – after I’ve gone and finished up these UFOs I found. And, since I am back on my feet and moving pretty good, I’ll be able to get a lot more done (that I want to do) with minimum fuss.

Well, except for the television. There’s a lot of options to watch on that thing. I’m not sure what I’m going to do about keeping myself from watching that all day, every day!


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