Mystery Monday: #1, Part 3

We are up to part three of our four part series for this Mystery Quilt. This is a big one, you’ll be making EIGHT of the blocks from Part Two. Click HERE to get the instructions to make this block – and you’ll need eight of them. The picture below shows two.


Part One can be found HERE.
Part Two can be found HERE.

Here are some pictures showing the creation of these 8 Part Two, Block C pieces, if you don’t wish to click back to the previous post.










As we work on this Mystery Quilt, I am learning a ton of new information and enjoying myself immensely. I know that you may get frustrated as I change things during the middle of the quilt; however, I find it amazing that I keep learning more and more. I appreciate those that are sticking with me and not faltering because I am learning.

I do have another Mystery Quilt planned and, as we are doing this Mystery Spring Quilt, I am learning enough to not make as many mistakes on the next one I do. It will be patriotic themed, 12 weeks long and we’ll have a great quilt for the summer and, specifically, for July. With everything I am learning now, the next should go a lot smoother. I believe I have the fabric requirements correct for the next one we do and I’ll post them next week – the last week of this quilt top. I will use this next week to double-check my math and instructions before committing!

Thank you for your continued participation and, get ready! We’re in the final stages of this beautiful spring quilt!


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