WIP Wednesday

Hi! It’s Wednesday! I promised to start working on UFOs and I have – to a certain extent. I also started a new project that has now turned into a UFO. Shall we review?


I was supposed to finish putting all these Ribbon Border Blocks together. The goal was to put them around an older quilt top that has been waiting for them.


They were going to turn this into a queen sized quilt. Unfortunately, after finishing all the blocks, I found that I did not have enough to put them as a border on this quilt. I’ll be creating a quilt of the Ribbon Border Blocks without putting them on this one.

I will be looking for more to add to the above quilt to make it a queen; however, the Ribbon Border Blocks are going to be a lap quilt all their own – with or without a border. I’m still in progress on it.

While looking through my old Quilter’s Newsletter Magazines, I found a pattern for “Susannah.” I found few packs of fat quarters, cut them into long strips and attempted to make what I saw. There was no pattern for the block. I was making the pattern as I went.


This is the final result. The Y-Seams kicked my booty and I failed miserably. I’m going to have to have Jen delicately pick out the Y-Seams so I can try again.

I will show the process, when I do get it figured out. Or, maybe I’ll shift my design and make something entirely different. We’ll see!

I am also working on a Mystery Quilt design that I am having fun with but it is also very frustrating. I’ve already made one revision and am going to have to make more. Unfortunately.

I created the following in line with a Training Tuesday I was doing. I finished the Bargello-type strips and then had Jen sew all the strips together – now she gets to finish it her way and keep it. It’s purple and she loves purple, so I figured she’d enjoy it.


That’s what I’ve got going on. I’m sure I’ll add much more to my list in the days to come! Just as soon as I get a few dollars and get to go buy some Kona White and Kona Snow!


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