WIP Wednesday

One of the things I wanted to do with the new year was start writing again. I am slowly getting certain days of the week that I will write specific topics and go from there. We’ll see how it goes, yes? Today is, WIP Wednesday – Work In Progress Wednesday.

I want to start tracking what I am working on and show it here, where I am at and when I finish. My friend Julie and I have decided we need to get all of our UFOs done and over with. I have quite a few projects that I started but didn’t finish. They got set aside because I was bored or thought I couldn’t do it right and gave up.


One of the first things I did was clean my sewing room. You can’t see it but it is much better than it was before Monday’s cleaning session.


I also made an unfinished pile. Things that were started but not finished.


Of course, there is the “unfinished shelf” that was created long ago. I will be tackling those, as well.


To start off, I pulled out this top and the pieces I needed to create the final border. I was working on doing a Ribbon Border Block on this one and turning it into a queen sized quilt.


This is the Ribbon Border Block. I had a total of 5 pieces created when it got set aside for the past few months. If I successfully added this border to the Downton Abbey quilt above, it would turn into a queen sized with borders that weren’t just straight strips of fabric.


Unfortunately, though, as I was finishing up the blocks, I noticed a cute pattern that could be created from the blocks themselves. At this point, I have 8 more blocks to create and Jen, Mark and my friend Julie all agree this would look really cute as a lap quilt all its own. When I finish the blocks, I’ll see if I can’t make a cute pattern out of them and just throw a border around it for a lap quilt instead of making the Downton Abbey into a queen.

I did give away my last queen sized Downton Abbey to my brother and his wife so I will have to decide if I want to do something else with this Downton Abbey to make it a queen sized. It is such pretty fabric!


This is another UFO. I made the blocks last week. I need to decide how I am going to join them together and prep them for borders/backing.

That’s what I’m working on right now. I’ll post next week on completion and start of the next UFO that has been sitting around. Anyone up for joining me and posting what they are working on as far as UFOs?


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