Some Summer Fun

In an effort to restart my blog, I’ve decided to show some pictures of our summer fun.


We have a ditch that runs through our property and we’ve played in that a few times, weather permitting. It’s a great way to cool off in the middle of the day, that’s for sure!


We’ve gone for walks around the block… until my bike was fixed. Now we ride all over town on a whim.


We’ve taken drives and played in creeks that we’ve found.


Picnics in the back yard while playing with Legos!


Squeezed our own lemons and made homemade lemonade.


I turned it into a concentrate and froze it so I could just make lemonade whenever I wanted.


We mashed up a bunch of strawberries and froze that as well – adding a few teaspoons of strawberry into the lemonade makes for some delicious strawberry lemonade! It is a hit with the neighbor boys that come over to our house.


We’ve gotten really cool presents (for Mom’s birthday but, o’well) from friends far away…


See’s Suckers mailed to us from California!


Going to see the new Transformers and bringing our own Transformers with us.


Falling off our bike and getting some owies. Nothing too serious but enough to make us a little more cautious.


Eating strange and disgusting foods in an effort to lower our cholesterol like the doc told us we really need to do.


And getting weird hair styles just for fun.

Our summer has been packed with a lot of things. These are the highlights. I’m working on getting my pictures all caught up. It’ll be awhile because I’ve been so neglectful.


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