I’ve Played With Fabric

During the absence from my blog, I have played with some fabric. I’m going to attempt to catch up here on what I’ve created and done. I’m testing the Chromebook with its Google Drive sharing of my images and documents. I’ve yet to figure everything out just yet and this is another test/learning experience. I’ll share some pictures of quilts that I’ve done and maybe throw in a few words about them. We’ll see!


This one made for a friend. I have a picture somewhere of when it came back from the long armer. I’ll try to find it. It was Papillion by Three Sisters for Moda. I learned a really neat way of making half square triangles with this quilt. It is all made from fat eighths.



Here it is! All soft and puffy from the long armer. My friend loved it and, as far as I understand, hasn’t set it down since she got it. This one inspired me to do another of the same line and same fat eights.


I used another bundle of fat eights and, using the same technique that created the quilt for a friend, I designed this one. It is not finished as I need to finish piecing the back of it before sending it to the long armer.


I didn’t measure as I was creating it so it ended up being way too large for a queen sized bed. I have taken one row out of the middle to shorten it up. I do not have any other pictures as yet. As soon as it gets to the long armer and back, I’ll show it off!


I sent Blood Red off to a new home. I miss it and need to make another but I’m quite sure it will be well loved in its new home. I have so many quilts, I need to start sending them off to new homes!


I finally started this kit that I got a few years back.


Thought it was too small the way they said to make it so added extra borders and sashing.


and… the whole effect…


The effect created is actually kind of cool if you look at it.


The finished top – queen size. It’s waiting for “just the right” backing before heading off to the long armer.


I tried my hand at Bargello without a pattern and just winging it. Failed miserably. I’ll try again another day when I actually draw up a pattern.






Started a group on Facebook. We swap blocks every month. I’ve had some crappy blocks that I have sent out. I’m getting better… in fact…


Found a really easy way to do Cathedral Window style blocks. Showed the group how to make them and it was the swap block for June. July’s block is two posts prior to this one, if you’re interested.


Learned how to make this cute little fabric box. I’m going to have to make more for Christmas presents and such!


Got back the Mystery Quilt from the long armer. To save it from my own mistakes, he added sashing and then quilted it. It looks great and, to think, I was ready to throw it away after my mistakes and then being dogged by someone I respected about those mistakes.

That’s all for now. I’ll get more pictures together and share them up here.


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2 thoughts on “I’ve Played With Fabric

  1. Absolutely beautiful.

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