Sittin at the Town Green

I’m sure this local park has a name. I call it “The Town Green” and my children are learning it by that name, as well. I am sitting at a table with my Chromebook and watching my children play. They brought some toys to play with but Caiden forgot his sword and shield. He went back home (a 5 block walk) to get it and I am trusting him to do so. I will fret and worry until he comes back and Brendan will play on the swings while waiting. They want to stay here for many hours but I’m thinking we’ll head home for lunch in about an hour or so.

My new town is full of little places for the children to play and this is just one of them. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, it’s great to take them to a place like this and just let them be children. The fact that our yard is decorative and has no grass to play on helps with the decision to bring them here for a little running, jumping, yelling and playing in the sunshine.

Dillon has had some very un-spring-like weather lately and this is one of the few days we’ve had that are warm enough to play outside. Boys need sunshine to grow up, not out.

We recently had a discussion about playing outside. My boys are like their parents – indoors with electronics as much as possible is what they desire. I had a talk with them and we discussed how everything grows UP because everything is trying to reach the sun. If the boys are always inside and don’t grow up towards the sun like the trees, grass and flowers, they will grow OUT and that’s bad. It means they will get fat and lazy.

And so, we’re sitting on the town green. I did not bring my camera so I can not show you right now. I’m still waiting for Caiden to pop back into view from his walk back to our house and Brendan is twirling in the grass, trying to make himself dizzy.


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One thought on “Sittin at the Town Green

  1. P.S., I just had a call from Caiden. He’s sitting on the toilet at home and wants me to come get him because he is exhausted from his walk.

    I think I will go get him – he had the smarts to know he could call me from the house phone. That means packing everything up, driving home and driving back. So much fun. Right?

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