Valentine’s Day


Between Jen and I, we managed to get some treats off to the school on Valentine’s Day for the boys to share with their classmates. However, I still haven’t managed to show y’all what Mark did for me for my Valentine’s present and the boys’ response to it.


As he does every year, Mark sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They are always stunning and, when I remember to tend them properly (ie, water them – like my house plants – psst, Jen – water?), they last quite some time. This year, I put them in front of one of the many windows of our home and enjoyed their beauty about a week.

That’s not the best part, however. What was really awesome was what the boys did when I put the flowers on that shelf in that window…


Caiden decided that his Skylanders needed to protect the pretty flowers that “Dad sent Mom.” The Skylanders stayed there until the flowers died, guarding them against ill will (but forgetting to remind me to water them).


I did manage to get a few pictures of them, though. I was trying my hand at some more self-directed and self-taught photography.


What do y’all think? I try but, like any craft, it is ever evolving and you learn more every day. Just because you like to take pictures doesn’t mean you don’t stop learning how to take better ones. Same with my quilting, I am constantly learning and growing on that and, quite possibly, will never be perfect. The point isn’t perfection, however, in my photography or my quilting. It’s the fact that I love doing it and have fun.


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