Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!


A month back or so, our family adopted a cat for a few days. This cat has been seen around the bus stop out front of our house several times only, this time, it didn’t go home. It stayed with us for a bit. We had to run and get cat food, according to Brendan, and it didn’t stop there.


The boys had fun trying to feed the cat but it didn’t seem too terribly interested in the food. It wanted to play with Brendan.


Next, Brendan had to get the cat some water. It couldn’t very well eat with no water to wash it down with. Right?


Very carefully, Brendan carried the water outside and set it before the cat.


After feeding this cat my boys adopted, we had to go and build it a cat house. Between Caiden, Brendan and Jen, they built a neat little house for the cat.


And together, carried it outside. They even stuffed it with some blankets that I had made for them. It was alright with me – these blankets were made from upholstery fabric and wouldn’t get damaged being outside.


Brendan picked up the cat and took it to its new home, stuffing it inside the box so it would get the idea that this was its home.


We all head back inside but this is not the end of the cat story. That night, the cat came into our house and got comfortable. The boys were ecstatic that we had a kitty in the house and enjoyed playing with it – sometimes too rough, as they weren’t quite sure how you play with a cat. They’d only known dogs.

For two nights, this cat stayed with us. However, it quickly became apparent that Caiden is allergic to cats and we had to shoo the cat back outside and reject all advances by the cat to rejoin our family. Brendan was quite attached to it but, as soon as he realized it was hurting his brother, gave up playing with the cat or trying to get it to adopt us as its permanent family.

I was sad for him but he adjusted quickly. He understands that some things can and will hurt his brother and he is ok with dropping the idea to protect his brother. He truly is my “empathetic” child.


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