Typically, when you think of someone saying, “Cheese,” you think about taking pictures. In this instance, I’m talking about goat cheese, sheep cheese and cows milk cheese.


We, as a family, play a game on our tablets called Hay Day. You can’t play this game on Facebook or your computer; it must be a tablet or a phone. In short, this game is about running a farm, much like Farmville used to be. One of the items you make in this game is goat cheese from goat milk. Brendan got to thinking that he’d like to taste some goat cheese and, after several weeks of forgetting, I finally got some for him and his brother to try.


I bought a package of goat cheese, slimy and white, but also got a small tray of different cheeses to try as well.


The tray had Iberico (goat milk, sheep milk and cows milk cheese), Manchego (sheep milk cheese) and Tipsy Goat (goat milk cheese).


Brendan liked the slimy goat cheese but didn’t like the try cheese from the tray as much. I thought each of the dry cheeses could be very yummy with sausage or pepperoni slices and crackers but the slimy goat cheese was a complete pass for me. Caiden was very non-committal in his decision on the cheeses but he did eat quite a few of the dry cheese set.


Of course, Caiden is also hoping that, the next time I say, “Cheese,” it’ll be taking a picture of him missing one of his teeth. He has pestered me several times a day for the past few days to try and pull his tooth for him. It’s getting closer but not quite ready yet.


Eventually it’ll come out. He’ll just have to wait patient a few days longer. Next time I say, “Cheese,” to him, he just might be missing this tiny tooth he’s anxious to get rid of.


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