Last weekend, we took another drive. This time, we went down a road that is typically reserved for those with sleds, snow mobiles and other implements for getting as much of that white powdery stuff (also known as snow) all over yourself, in your shorts and under your shirt. The road is named, “Polaris” and, after Mark told me to try out that road for our explorations, I started seeing Polaris decals all over town. Polaris, if you aren’t aware, is a market for nearly anything snow-related you can dream up. Since we’re in winter and we’re in Montana, Polaris is everywhere.


The drive was quiet and uneventful; mostly because there was very little traffic. We encountered a few trucks hauling trailers with snow mobiles and tried to stay out of their way. Eventually, we came to a resort that used to rent snow mobiles but was simply a waypoint, now.


Rental equipment is no more; however, they have a lot of snowy hills, a huge parking lot for the many trailers that come through and some good old fashioned coffee/hot chocolate.


When you walk in the front door, it’s immediately reminiscent of a lodge awaiting the cold, hungry and sore after a day on the powder. The food was good, the bill afterwards wasn’t too bad and we got our bellies full before heading back out again.


Brendan found one of his friends from school way out here in the middle of nowhere. His family was sledding down a hill behind the old lodge. The boys really wanted to go sledding but we hadn’t brought gloves, hats, sleds or any other item conducive to a good time.


That didn’t stop them from playing in the snow on the porch and, eventually, falling into it to get covered. There are days I feel bad for the boys – they don’t have a mama that’s real good at getting out and about, having fun like this. Most of the time, I end up sore and can’t hardly move. I guess it’s good we still have Jen around for these times, yes?


We continued our drive down the road and eventually bumped into this pair of crazies. They are actually skiing … with PARACHUTES. I mean, seriously, what’s up with that?! I don’t think I understand the point to this but the boys thought it was pretty cool – until their electronics took precedence again.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to take pictures of in our travels last Sunday. This Sunday, we’re pretty calm. We’re sitting home, enjoying a warm house and not doing much of anything. Jen has the boys right now, playing in the snow at the park. When they’re done, we’ll have McDonald’s hot chocolate or some food.


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