The Pen & Plow


The idea started as an adult; however, it was many years ago. Growing up, I loved watching Little House on the Prairie and, as an adult, I enjoyed it even more. If not for a dog with a healthy appetite, I’d still have my (was) growing collection of the videos themselves.

littlehouseIn Season 5, Episode 8 of Little House on the Prairie, a printing press came to town. As always, Harriet Olsen was right in the middle and making a mess of everything. You can click the link above to read about the episode. Basically, it was a colossal mess and quickly fell by the wayside as a “bad idea” for the town of Walnut Grove to have a newspaper.

The idea for the name of a newspaper stuck with me, though, and I’ve had this domain name ( for many years. It has sat, with that logo above and nothing else, for nearly as long as I’ve owned it and paid for it. Imagine, a minimum of 10 years, paying $34 a year for a domain name I did not use.

When I started up the IAmNaia blog nearly two years ago, I didn’t even give this domain name a thought. I had a goal in mind when I started up IAmNaia and it didn’t include The Pen & Plow. Recently, my blog and its intent has changed and, with that, a new look and idea was surfacing. I played around with the title, “This is Me,” but it didn’t quite fit. Of course it was about me – it was my blog!

A few days ago, I decided to move my blog off WordPress – not because I was unhappy with them – but because I knew there was something more in mind for me and what I wanted to write and be a part of in my online presence.

Today, I started moving everything from the iamnaia WordPress blog (and the pictures are taking forever!) over to The Pen & Plow and am working on creating a digital newspaper out of the entire idea. Where will it go from here? I’ve a few ideas; however, I can’t rightly say. I’m working on it and figuring it out as I go.

Please stick with me during this transition and enjoy what I’m working on creating. I can tell you that the pictures from the original blog will be messed up until I can go through each and every one of the 400-some posts and fix the pictures. I hope y’all can deal with that for a bit.


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