A Free Saturday


Saturday morning, I visited the local quilt shop and we got to chatting (as always). While wandering around her store, I saw this beautiful table runner. I asked if she still had the pattern and fabrics so I could make one. She said she didn’t; however, if I make her another sample for the store with fabrics she does have, I can have the one up top. So, she gave me a small set of fabrics and I took it home, creating another for her to keep …


This one is beautiful as well! I almost couldn’t decide which one I wanted to keep. I’m thinking I am going to start digging through my scraps to make quite a few of these. I wonder how much the quilter would charge for such a small item?


Isn’t that pretty? And, my points all lined up real nice! The quilt store lady actually said she thinks I messed up the quilt retreat quilt top because I trimmed it twice before assembling it. If I hadn’t done that, it would line up a lot better. I’m still working on trying to salvage something from that. I’ll keep you posted.

On that note, I’ve some pictures to take and share with you. The bed runner from over a year ago that I was making to go with “Blood Red“? Do you remember it? I took the hand stitching out and asked my local quilt store lady what she would do? Well, she said that, if I brought in my sewing machine, she’d show me how to quilt that small item on my machine without having to pay the quilter. I’m going to take her up on that. I mentioned possibly today but it’ll have to be another day. I’ve another project in mind.

On Saturday night, Jen took the boys to her house for an overnight stay. She agreed to this as recompense for breaking another part on the Rendezvous (our car, as y’all know). It cost me $57 and it’s still not completely fixed. While she had the boys, I was going to work my butt off finishing up some quilts that I had laying around the house, gathering dust.

First, I finally finished putting the top together for my friend Liz’s quilt. Here it is!


As you can see, it’s just shy of a queen-sized that I’d put on my bed. Maybe she’ll use it on hers, anyway. If not, my designs for how to do the quilting will give her something to drag all over with her when she visits people. Right now, she drags a 10 year old store bought soft blanket with her all the time. Maybe this will replace it. It’s big enough to keep her warm wherever she goes (she hates my house because our temperature is always set at 68 and she’s used to a minimum of 75).


I’m going to ask the quilter for a specific type of quilting and batting for this one. I followed an exact pattern from Moda with a set that I bought when I had my store. I have one more set of these and just might make a second one. I don’t always make the same quilt twice but I just might with this one. It’s fast and easy – when you don’t get distracted with other projects.

The next project is, quite perhaps, the cheapest quilt top I’ve ever put together. The panel was purchased for $4.50 at the local quilt store, I had the barn print in my stash for quite some time and the strips of brown were purchased (two sets) for $5 apiece. It’s being called, “Diamond K” after a local store that I’m making it for. I’m working on creating an acquaintance relationship with one of the two sisters that own it and they do sell the most delicious coffee, so when I saw this panel, I had to do something for them!


My own design and my own ideas based off what I had available. I’m getting really good at coming up with something on the fly like this. It’s not really elaborate like the patterns floating all over the world; however, it’s mine! Yes, I’m beaming with pride right now.


The best part is, all my points line up real nice. I tried real hard to make sure I had the measurements for cutting just perfect.


The quilt store lady offered me her “Go Baby!” to cut out the hexagons for an idea brewing in my head. This is a work in progress as I figure out what I want to make from the army of little hexagons I cut out.

I also have a few more ideas in the planning and can’t wait to get back to my machine! I hope you’re waiting with baited breath to see them! *grins*


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