100 Days of School!

Friday was 100 days my boys have been in school. I was hoping they’d have a great day – with minimal getting in trouble. This past week was a little rough. Last Tuesday, Caiden pulled 6 cards (4 is bad and being sent to the principal). Wednesday, Brendan got himself tossed off the bus for a week.

Caiden’s biggest reason for pulling cards (getting in trouble) is his ability to “distract other students.” His nervous ticks like tapping his pencil drive his teacher insane and she’s constantly trying to get him to stop. I find it hard to sit absolutely still myself at 41 so I can only imagine the torture on a little 7 year old body. We’ll have to suffer through the rest of the school year; it doesn’t look likely to stop any time soon – his tapping of pencils or whatnot and her inability to “stand it.” I’ve strong feelings about the situation and can’t quite voice them here. This is a public forum and could be read by anyone at any time.

I will state, for the record, that I do not believe his problem is medical, as they are assuming and pushing for. He gets damn near straight A’s. In this regard, he has to be doing something right, even if he struggles to sit still every second of the day. We’ve been working on paying attention when he’s doing reading with a group or whatnot; however, for the most part, I believe hes a healthy boy – except for the weird allergies.

In my anger and in haste on Tuesday night, Caiden said the words, “I’ll bet you I can go without zero cards.” I had a $50 in my wallet from visiting the VA Medical Center in Helena on Monday so I pulled it out and made a bet with him: If he could go Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with zero cards pulled, he could have the $50. If he pulled any cards (got in any trouble), the $50 was mine plus any money he had in the bank. He has close to $20 in the bank right now – earned from all his As.


He wrote the reminder note that’s taped under the $50 we taped to the kitchen wall. He was supposed to be reminded constantly about his bet and his promise.

On Wednesday, he had a substitute teacher and pulled zero cards. On Thursday, he spent half the day with teachers other than his primary teacher and pulled zero cards. Friday brought two cards after an entire day struggling to sit still in class with his primary teacher. No dice. A lost bet. However, after seeing zero cards last Monday (substitute) and six cards last Tuesday (with primary teacher) added into the rest of the week, I couldn’t stomach taking his money from him.

Does anyone else see a trend or am I just a hopeful momma, blaming everyone but her son?

Apparently, Brendan has been having fun bouncing around on the bus. He’s supposed to sit quietly and wait to get to the school but he has been shifting in his seat and moving around. They are recommending a car seat for him. Explain this to me: if there are no seat belts on the bus, how are you going to strap down a car seat so it doesn’t slide and fall off the seat when he’s in it or the bus has to stop suddenly? I believe that would cause more of a hazard than a boy who didn’t sit still. He’s been punished for it and he has sworn that he will not move from his seat when he gets back on the bus on Wednesday.

On Thursday night, between the two of us, Jen and I made 200 little muffins for the boys to share with their classmates for the 100th day of school party.


So many more to go.


They were so yummy! We made 100 for each child to take to school with him.


On Friday morning, the boys each counted out 100 fruit loops for the “100 item party.”


Brendan is working on counting items by “5’s.”


When they were done counting and bagging 100 Fruit Loops, I let them eat the rest of the Fruit Loops in the same bowl they counted from with some milk. They don’t typically get sugary cereal in the mornings (unless they are with Grandma Donna) and had a blast with it.


Yeah. They liked it.


One Hundred Mini Muffins per child all ready to be bagged and tagged and sent off to school. A side note, I had 100 muffins come back home. Apparently, Brendan’s class didn’t get to eat theirs (got busy and distracted) and the teacher froze 50 of them for another day (probably today – Monday), sending 50 home in his backpack. Caiden said he doesn’t know what’s going on. The teacher put 50 muffins back in his backpack but they didn’t eat any on Friday. They didn’t get snacks, I guess.

Talk about deflated after all that work. I’m thinking to myself, “Why bother? Except that I love my boys and try to make their day at school more fun.”

Despite pulling two cards on Friday and losing the bet, Caiden had a good day. At least he said so. Brendan’s teacher was aware of how much trouble Brendan was in for his bus fiasco so made a point to tell me he had an over-excellent day and should be out of trouble for the weekend. He got to play all weekend but today, he’s back to sitting quietly at the dining room table until bed time. That’s part of their punishment for making me get two calls from the principal in two days: they sit at the dining room table until bedtime with only their Bible (Thursday, I relented and gave them paper and pencil, as well). Except for being allowed to play all weekend, they are to go back to the table today (Monday) and tomorrow. On Wednesday, when they can ride the bus again, they are allowed to play when they get home from school.


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