After the Quilt Retreat

When we left, Jen and I head back towards where Grandma Donna lived. We didn’t quite get there and stopped at a Comfort Inn for the night. The next morning, we met up with Mark and the boys for breakfast with Grandma before heading home.

I could barely function for the first hour as my hands were swollen so bad. I had no wrinkles in my fingers! It was awful! An hour or so into the day, they relaxed and were all better.


Brendan had my camera and was taking pictures of Grandma Donna. We followed her back to her house after breakfast and the following pictures are Brendan’s – he wanted to use my camera.


Pictures of his hand on the way back to Grandma’s.


Picture of one of Grandma’s two dogs.


He asked Jen to walk him across the street so he could get a picture of Grandma’s house.


Grandma’s other dog, hiding under the kitchen table.

With that, we head on home. There are no pictures on the way home. I had a medical appointment on Monday so, on Tuesday, I set about finishing what I had started at the quilt retreat. I was anxious to see how it all came out.


I set out the pieces to start sewing them together.


I got this army of blocks finished and they all looked really good. I was stunned at how gorgeous they were. Now to finish that other block from up above…


I got them sewed and then trimmed them to square them up. I was as fragile as possible on squaring them up; however, when done, each of the blocks (all 18 of them) were 1″ shorter than they needed to be.


Every single one of these blocks I worked so hard on was an inch smaller than it needed to be. Talk about a disaster! I’ve no clue how I’m going to save this. The other block of the two is perfect – this one, destroyed. If you’ve any ideas, please tell me!


With a tad bit of stretching and pulling, I managed to get one row sewn together. However, I can’t do that the entire quilt. It would really mess things up bad. So, envision this as the quilt that I was supposed to create and I’ll sit in a corner and cry.


It would have been so pretty.

… more later on what I’ve been up to. This is it for my quilt retreat weekend.


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