Exploring Our New State

We’ve moved to Montana, we’re getting settled in and it was time to do something fun. We’ve done a few things but this time, I actually had my camera. A week ago, on Saturday, I came up with an idea.


Our goal? Go see a Santa Exhibit in Butte, Montana. A chance notice in a local paper directed us to where we were going. On arrival, I took some pictures of the awesome building while the boys played in the snow for a bit.


They played and I snapped pictures, assuming that, when we were ready, we’d go on inside.


A beautifully built old brick building. I tried my hand at photography and capture the beauty my eye could see.


Maybe I did it justice, maybe I didn’t. Either way, when we decided to head on inside to see the Santa exhibit, we realized we were at the wrong building. My GPS had failed me. While Jen drove the boys in the Rendy, I walked the streets for a few minutes, looking for the right building. This town, Butte, is full of old buildings that beg for a photographer who knows what they are doing to come snap some photos.


I found the right building and it was just as stunning in its old world beauty as the first one we went to. After a couple pictures of the outside, we made our way in.


The place was stunning by itself, the architecture spoke volumes to my old word heart. It was full of Santa – every shape size and color you could come up with.


We tried looking at all of them but it was difficult – there was so many!


Beautiful older pieces mixed with the newer plastic pieces of our world.


They even had a fairy Santa, for those who love fairies.


Fat ones, skinny ones, tall ones and short ones. Thousands of Santas in one building.


Santa on a horse next to a porcelain Santa cup.


A huge Santa for the boys to try and measure up to across from another Santa of interesting creation…


A Jester Santa. Guaranteed to make you chuckle, this Santa is just waiting to entertain a young child.


And, of course, a Weeble-Wobble-type Santa.


Santas lining the steps to the upstairs. We were not allowed up there – it’s still under construction. And, with that, we headed out. I wasn’t ready for the day to end this soon so we head out to another town close by (about an hour or so). It is called Phillipsburg, Montana. It boasted an antique store and I set out to drive that way to see what we could find.


On arrival, we set to walking around and realized it was a simple tourist-trap. A place that sells items that look good but are typically made in China and pretty worthless as a whole. We wandered around a few minutes, had some snacks and looked at some of the color of the town.


A table and chairs set up above a restaurant as advertisement.



Giant-sized fork and spoon as decoration as well.


And a few local artists creating wildlife statues for decoration. With that, we head out of Phillipsburg. I’m hoping the next small town we decide to check out has a bit more than just high-priced trinkets for sale.


This past Saturday, the boys wanted to play electronics. I made a deal with them. If they fill one plastic bag full of the pine cones and needles all over the yard, they could play electronics all day. I expected it to take at least an hour but they were done in under ten minutes. Since this coming weekend promises to be full of adventure, we didn’t go very far this weekend. I let them play and have fun all weekend.


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