Picture Catch-Up, Pt 3

Both of my boys did Christmas productions at their new school. The first was Brendan (Kindergarten). They acted out the Scrooge Christmas while the librarian read the story to the crowd. Intermixed with songs and some hand actions, it was quite fun to watch.


Brendan had to be there early so they could decorate his hair like a little “Who Boy.” Helping him is his teacher, who he loves to pieces already.


There’s my little boy. He looks so cute! Daddy was with him while he was getting his hair done, taking pictures for mommy.


Looking around to see his mommy, daddy and brother (and Jen, of course).


And, of course, he found us.


My gorgeous little Who Boy.


Between songs, playing with mommy by making faces. I know it was me because that’s the same face I was making.


He did do all the hand motions that went along with the songs they were singing. I was so very proud – in fact, still so proud, I tear up looking at the pictures.


The principal of the elementary school was The Grinch.

And that’s when we developed a problem…


Brendan has had … issues … with controlling his bladder. I believe he can, he just gets excited and doesn’t want to. When he crosses his fingers (taught to him by his preschool teacher), he *really* has to go! I sent Jen running up there to grab him (I didn’t want his night ruined) but he refused to come down off the stage to go to the bathroom – his teacher would get “mad,” he said.


He made it to the end and, quite obviously, still had to pee when they were all walking out. It’s hard to get upset at him for this, since he was being good in letting us knew when he had to go.

And that’s it for Brendan’s Christmas production. Next up? Caiden’s! And, yes, he did sing! I was so very proud, I was in tears!


We made it through the remainder of the program and he did great. I could see him singing, doing the hand motions, everything. I always tell my babies, “As long I can see you singing, I am so proud I could burst.”

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One thought on “Picture Catch-Up, Pt 3

  1. Crossing his fingers. I love it!

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