Photo Catch-Up, Pt 2

Happy New Year! I tell ya, with the holidays and the lack of anything open during the season in my new small town, finding time to actually sit and write is difficult! When in Idaho Falls, I’d sit at Shari’s and do whatever I wanted for a period of time. Here? Hard to find places to sit.

Why don’t I sit at home? Well, I would – if there was a comfortable space to sit. I have a recliner (laptop heats me up when sit there), a dining room table chair (ouch on the back) and not much else. Eventually, we’ll get settled and I’ll find my “niche.” Just takes time, right?

Like getting used to my new kitchen. It has been two months and I’m still not overly comfortable with it. I’m not entirely sure why but I’m working on getting there. In time!


When I left you last, I was headed off to Oklahoma. My dad had scared the daylights out of me by being hospitalized. It turned out to be appendicitis and he is healing well. He’s feeling better – or, at least that’s what he tells me!

Right before and as we were headed down, Oklahoma got some ice storms and some snow. Unusual for this part of the United States, that’s for sure. This leaf was found at the border of Texas and Oklahoma, at a really pretty rest area. I thought it was awesome to see snow in Texas (and Oklahoma) of all places! Everyone was worried about our drive down there but Mark did wonderfully. We had no problems getting down and, even when it got pretty scary, he plowed through slow and cautious. We were only a half-day behind our schedule but it was weather-related.


I couldn’t resist getting a picture with the leaf pulled out of its snug little spot. After the picture, I did put it back. I promise.


Could it have been only a few short months ago when we were all here, taking pictures as a family? Brings smiles to my face, I’ll tell ya.


Dad was healing comfortably so I was able to quilt with my mom. This is a first – ever – and I’m still giddy over finally being able to share something with her. This is one of the pieces we created. She was playing with laying out the designs while I was sewing like crazy! Jen got upset because I was making pretty stuff without her but she’ll get over it. I got to do this with my MOM!


A companion piece to the one above. This one will got to a niece of mine when it’s done with borders and quilting. The teal one above stayed with my mom. She’s going to play with the rest of it. I can’t wait to see what she gets out of it!!!


This one was created when I was showing my mom  how I make HST (Half Square Triangles). She probably already knows how to make them but I was beside myself with joy at being able to share things with her! We put this one together and had quite a bit of fabric left over but not enough to actually make a back. So, my mom came up with the idea to make the next picture as the back… all I did was sew it together…

(I can’t find the picture. I promise to include it later, when I get back home)

This next one was a jelly roll I had. I just randomly sewed strips together, cut them up and my mom and I laid out a pattern for it. It still needs some borders to make it big enough for a lap quilt but it looks great the way it is.


For the first set of borders, we sewed some remaining jelly roll strips end to end and lay them around the outside, as is. The joins are in strange places but the overall effect is pretty cool. I’m thinking a nice green plain border would set it all off nicely. As for the back? Quite perhaps a solid red.


We arrived in Oklahoma on Monday and were able to take my dad home. On Tuesday morning, my brother and his wife had their fourth boy born – a few weeks early. He is healthy and sound, growing like a weed already. My mom went to stay with the other children for a night while my brother and his wife were at the hospital and I was in charge of keeping my dad in the house and not overdoing anything with his stitches!

I was so overjoyed at actually being in TOWN for the birth of one of my nieces/nephews. Because I live so far away, I miss these events. I’m still giddy over being able to actually hold and love on the newest grandchild to my mom and dad!

Mark was worried about getting home on time and the weather we’d have to face on the way there so we didn’t get to stay long. I was sad over that, after waiting all week to see the baby, having to go so fast. Next time, he’ll be walking, I’m sure!

When I get the rest of my pictures, I’ll show you what my two boys did for their newest cousin. They wrote him a letter and bought him some cute little presents. I have pictures of the letter but not the presents. I didn’t get to see what they picked (I was in Oklahoma, they were in Montana and decided to do this on their own) but my parents (and brother) promised to send me pictures when they open the box.

The trip home was relatively uneventful – until the last 3 hours. We were on back roads in Wyoming (a short cut, pretty clear, not bad) and an elk bumped into our rental truck. This is the first time I’ve ever harmed a vehicle I rented and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten the “extra” insurance on the vehicle before leaving town.


Mark managed to pop most of that out and there was a small piece left. Because I had the extra insurance, it was a no-questions-asked return. However, I ruined my perfect record of returning vehicles in excellent condition! I have to give credit, though – Mark managed to come to a near complete stop when we saw the elk in the road, that’s why the elk only “bumped” into us. We were stopped next to where he was walking – not running. Can you imagine the size of the elk that “bumped” into our truck with his shoulder as he was walking past!? He was huge!

Mark’ll be upset if I don’t tell you that, while the elk was walking past the truck (now nearly stopped), I was yelling “No! No!” at the elk. He thought that was hysterical and laughed for hours afterwards.

Other than that, uneventful trip and we went and came back safely. I feel much better having seen my dad is ok and not going to up and die on me and got to actually share one of my passions with my mom. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

That’s about it for now – next time, pictures of my boys and their Christmas concerts.


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8 thoughts on “Photo Catch-Up, Pt 2

  1. great post – love all the detail. Good to know your Dad is on the mend and you got such awonderful time with your Mum. How on earth you managed to produce so MANY quilts is beyond me though – each one looks like months of work to an outsider like me!!

    I dont know if I mentioned before… I spent a day in Idaho Falls once 🙂 I went greyhounding round the US for a few weeks many years ago and needed a stopover day so we spent a day there. Saw the falls, the museum, the mall went to the movies and spent a few hours at a pool hall. Was good to see some “real America” amid the real tourist places we were generally stopping at.

  2. Idaho Falls is a great place and I did enjoy my time there (11 years). I have always wanted Montana and finally got a chance to move to a small town up here. Idaho Falls was getting too big for me. It is a great place, I just wanted smaller.

    Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad some stuck with me on my (very long) hiatus during the move and settling in. I still read all your posts, even when I don’t get a chance to comment from my phone (where I do most of my reading of WordPress and Facebook).


  3. So glad your dad is okay. I’d wondered how the trip went. Happy New Year, Naia. (Lovely quilts, you are so talented.)

  4. I am so happy for you! such a precious time with your (step?) mum. Those quits will be treasured memories of that time I am sure.
    Very Glad to hear about your Dad and the new baby, what good news all round and your move all gone well and a new home for the new year in a place you have always wanted to live. How sweet is that?!
    my only random thought on the Kitchen is have you heard of the “working triangle” for kitchens?
    if that is off everything can feel off. goodluck with it x

  5. p.s love the new blog look 🙂

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