For Fay


This is a picture of the kitchen in new home. I took it with my phone so I hope you can see it.

That straight line isn’t working for me. To the right, where you can’t see, is a bathroom and stairs down to the “cellar”.


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4 thoughts on “For Fay

  1. Yes I can see it’s a very flat triangle for you to work in. So I assume the fridge can’t go across from the sink? just moving the bin might ease it a bit? and or a table opposite the sink?

    • Nah. That’s where the bathroom is, across from the sink. I had thought of that. Also, unfortunately, the fridge won’t fur under the cabinet where the bun is at. I am open to other suggestions, though!!

      • It’s tricky not being there 🙂 I hope it feels a better fit soon, even moving items round a familiar kitchen can feel odd for ages 🙂

      • I just finished reading that link. My old house was a great triangle, now that I know the concept. I’ll keep fiddling with ideas and, much to everyone’s dismay, if I haven’t figured it out by end of March, my lease will be up and I can explore other houses in this town.

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