Merry Christmas to One and All

I sit at Shari’s in Idaho Falls as I type this. I am alone on Christmas – but that’s ok. I set it up this way. The boys are staying overnight with their Uncle Travis after visiting their paternal grandfather on Christmas Eve. The ex-husband, Mark, is leaving for work and the Nanny, Jen, is spending the evening and tomorrow morning with her family. Instead of sitting alone in our house in Montana, I opted to come down to Idaho Falls and stay in a hotel. If I should get sad or bored, I can call someone and have things to do.

After spending Thanksgiving alone with just my children and no car, I realized that I need to have some means of movement or I get depressed. By being in Idaho Falls, I have options and will not be sad over being completely alone on the holidays.

We had Christmas this morning (Christmas Eve morning to the rest of the planet) as Mark was scheduled to leave for work this morning, right after the unwrapping of all that Santa dropped down our chimney. I’m hopeful I’ll get my camera back tonight and can try to post pictures of that for you tomorrow.

In case you haven’t noticed, the name of my blog changed. I’ve decided that the 1950s lifestyle served its purpose and, while I’m going to try to continue it, the blog has become so much more. It has become a place for me to write what is in my head and let the WordPress world be a part of the 2,467 internet browser tabs I have open in my head all the time. That’s pretty much how my mind works – as with most women on the planet. My mind is always going and very busy – you’ll continue to get updates on what I put to digital paper – only with a slightly different tilt to it, now.

I am still Naia and, for those that missed it, Naia is an acronym. N.A.I.A stands for “Not As I Am.” When I started, my goal was to modify my behavior into that of a woman living in the 1950s – where Christ, Family and Husband were the center of the home. I may not have a husband but the rest I was (and am) firmly committed to. “Not As I Am” was a way of saying that I am acting against my nature and working towards a new way of life – creating a new “norm” for myself.

I’m going to continue on the original path; however, it’s time to start branching out. I will still be N.A.I.A.; however, you will find that my posts will shift and change. I’ll be more of what my nature is – the changes from the past 18 months making themselves known as a mix with what I was and am today.

I hope you continue to visit and read my words. I look forward to comments and suggestions on this journey.


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