WIP Wednesday

I’ve been good about getting online on Wednesdays and setting out goals for myself. Today’s goal is to start finding a way to do more than one post a week. I used to write all the time; now I write randomly and when I’m in the mood. I’ve always loved to write, so I need to get back into it.

One of my first WIPs is nearly finished. Before Mark came home from work, I told him about an idea I had to replace my canopy that got destroyed in the hurricane-like winds we had in Idaho back in the spring. When he got home, he made that his first priority (to which I am immensely grateful). The only pieces left are the ones I am saving money for.


He is making me a wooden canopy. It should be solid enough to withstand the winds, should they return.


We have spent the entire summer with no canopy because the winds took out our aluminum one early in the spring. It hasn’t been as much fun to sit out back as it could have been.


it’s getting close to done! See the peak he put on the top? That’s so my existing canopy fabric can fit properly on it.


That’s the peak. He did really good on it!


All done! Isn’t it great? The only part missing is the lights outlining the inside and the little stone I’m going to put in front of it to hold my outdoor fire pit. I don’t want it under the canopy, so we’re going to create a small place for it in front of the canopy with the same stones we used for the grill a year ago. With a few rows of those at the edge of the concrete our canopy sits on, we should be able to set our fire pit on it and keep our canopy safe. As soon as I get a few dollars, that’s the goal.


Remember the butters that I created out of different combinations in my kitchen? I took orange butter and made chocolate chip cookies with it instead of normal butter.


They turned out really good and I’ll be doing it again with different butters when making cookies.


WIP: The boys have decided they want to create their own blanket for mommy to sew. I let them lose with some of my scraps and they had fun building a quilt. Before I can sew it, however, I need to teach them about squares and blocks – make it a tad easier for me to sew together.


The other night, we made homemade caramel syrup for ice cream. It was delicious!


I sent some home with Matthew, Jen’s brother, to use on his food at school.


I also made some grape syrup for pancakes and such. It was delicious! I need to make it and properly can it so we don’t have to freeze everything I make.


On Monday night, we went out to a fish place to eat dinner (Captain’s Cove in Idaho Falls). I had lunch with a friend there on Friday and wanted to take the family to try it out – since I found it pretty good. I asked the boys to try some fish for me. Brendan gobbled his all up. Caiden took two bites and started feeling sick. Within a short time, he had started having a really good allergic reaction to it. Turns out, my son is allergic to apples and fish, now.


He’s doing much better, no lingering affects after being given Benedryl. Another day, I’ll tell the horror story of the hospital – even though he is doing fine. Oh, and do you like my new hair color?!


And finally, two Works in Progress: My sons are part of Royal Rangers at church. I need to get the patches on their uniforms for them and… a secret unveiling of a quilt I am making for my niece. I should have it done (the top, anyway) by the weekend. That’s my goal!

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