Picture Perfect

The initial reaction to my quilts was spot-on! I’m happy to report that Mark was impressed. Now, on to convincing him on this years’ Christmas present.

Aside from the quilting going on, I’ve done some other things. Let’s go through the pictures folder and catch up, shall we?


A few weeks ago, I tried my hand at donuts. Let’s just say, I need a little more practice and leave it at that.


They came out as flat disks. Tasted good but really flat. I’ll have to try this again and see what I can do.


On one of our trips to Salt Lake for a Veteran’s Administration appointment, we saw this sitting at a gas station. I’m not quite sure what the story would be on why someone would have a plastic Batman in the back of their car but I snapped pictures for Caiden.


A few weekends back, my 88 year old friend finally got her book published and had a book signing at a local book store. I took the boys and they each got a book to take home. It’s a great kids’ book; it has pictures to color while reading the story. She even made sure it was bound in such a way that the children could color without “breaking the spine” of the book. It has spirals holding it together so it’ll lay flat while they color. It’s a great book and, when I get her website updated to show the book, you can order it from there if you desire.


I bought one of the Ball Jam Makers after a year of wanting one and tried my hand at making jam. It was a smashing success! I have done peach and spiced grape, so far.


The original recipe calls for peeling the skins off the grapes before cooking them. Once you’re done cooking them, you throw them in a blender to mash them nice and tiny. After doing that, you add the skins and mash them a bit longer in the blender before making jam with them.


After mashing the grapes with no skins, you have a nice pulp to throw back in the blender with the skins.


I got frustrated with the peeling of the grapes so, for the second batch, I threw them in the pot with the skins on. I figured, since I was going to be mashing everything together anyway, why not?


It came out the same both times – the pulp was the same color and consistency with and without the skins during the cooking and initial blending phase.


I’m happy to report, the jam came out tasting simply divine!


I don’t usually allow my children to get away with sarcastic comments towards me but I let this one slide because he was right and it was too awesome to ignore. While coloring with chalk on the driveway, Caiden got up and announced, “I’m going to color on the sidewalk. It’s called sidewalk chalk, Mom! I have to do it there.” With that, they went out to the sidewalk and were content to color there for the next 30 minutes or so.


After visiting my mother in Oklahoma, I decided to send her a few things I had. She was talking about making some quilts and I had the ability to help her by sending her some patterns and materials that I have around my house. I sent her a few jelly rolls with a few patterns for using those and, after doing a bit of research, found an amazing pattern for a Jelly Roll. It’s called the “1600” pattern and uses one Jelly Roll. The idea is simple: sew every piece of the Jelly Roll together, end-to-end, sewing on the diagonal. When done, start folding what you’ve done (1600 inches long,  2.5″ wide fabric strip) in half and sewing it together on the long side.


Each time you’re done folding it in half and sewing it, you repeat the process. After 4 or 5 of these halves sewn together, you’ll have a throw or wall hanging to show off.


If you add about 20″ of border on the top and bottom, you’ll be real close to a twin sized quilt. It’s perfect and so easy to do! I love the concept and can’t wait to make another one. This time, I’ll do as they say and take the strips right as they are and not try to “randomize.” My efforts at trying to randomize gave me too many duplicates together. If I had left them in a set as they came in the package, they would have randomized on their own.


Last week, Brendan stayed home from school with me one day. During our alone time that morning, he decided to clean my fireplace. I let him go for it and we cleaned him up after. A strange child, wanting to clean, but I’ll let him keep it up! Maybe he’ll grow up knowing that cleaning is part of life.



He did get sidetracked from his cleaning a time or two by the Batman cartoons we were watching together.

That’s it. My pictures folder is empty again. I’ll catch up with y’all again soon!

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  1. Cool update, donuts need rising like bread with yeast etc x

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