8/26: First Day of School

The first day of school was full of excitement. Brendan started Kindergarten but, much to his delight, his preschool teacher was promoted to Kindergarten and he gets to be with her again. She loves to call him a “Smarty Pants.” It’s meant in a good way, though. He could probably teach the Kindergartners and probably belongs in first grade. Because of his size, I refuse to let him skip ahead. His brother was bigger, his birthday closer to the rest of his class and it was easy. Even if Brendan is smart enough to skip, I refuse. Not at this young age.


The day started with daddy calling from work to wish them a great first day of school.


Eating and talking to daddy at the same time.


Second grade and Kindergarten, here we come!


Caiden’s teacher from last year. She was so excited to see both of them. She’d heard that we might have moved to Montana and was surprised that we didn’t and the boys were back in school again.


“Have a great day in Kindergarten, Brendan. I’ll miss you!”


Have a great day, Caiden. Be good.



After school, I took them to Wendy’s for a snack before going home. They both did great. It was an excellent first day!

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5 thoughts on “8/26: First Day of School

  1. Did they redo the floors at school? You have some awesome boys.

  2. Lovely pictures. I think you are wise, it’s the balance between mental and social/emotional development. I think the latter is more important myself.

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