8/25: Home today?

After getting up, having a delicious breakfast and talking to other travelers, we set out. What would strike our fancy today as we drove the long and lonely road toward home? Remember, we were not on a major interstate on the way home. We were actually taking a highway through the hills and valleys of Utah all the way home.


Oh! Look! Another National Park! Should we go? It will take us on a circular route back to where we need to head. Unfortunately, time and money constraints said no. We bypassed it and kept going.


Cool rock!


That cool rock was made by nature. How awesome is that?


This place looks like fun. We’ll stop here… or not. It opened at 9 a.m. and it was only 8:30 when we drove by. We can’t afford to wait a half hour for it to open.


The writing on the rock isn’t important. It’s what is on top of the rock that catches the eye.


If you ask me, that’s the perfect Jeep commercial. Does anyone doubt the power of a Jeep after seeing this one on top of the huge rock mountain?


Speaking of lizards…


“Those are some big windmills, Mom!”

I looked for the next picture and found out, they are gone! There were other pictures, like stopping in Kaysville, Utah for the boys to see Grandma Donna for a few minutes before the last 3 hours of the 3-day drive to home. They are all gone. I thought I saved all the pictures but, apparently not. This makes me sad. Brendan’s face when he saw Grandma Donna was awesome. He was so excited to see her!

We made it home about 6 p.m. on Sunday. The boys got to relax and get used to being home before heading to bed. First day of school on Monday and all. It was a great trip. We’ll have to go on another trip to actually stop at some of the places we didn’t get to stop at. I’m sure, as the boys continue to grow, they’ll enjoy it just as much as I in the years to come.

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