8/24: Four Corners!

Our goal on Saturday (the 24th) was to make it as far as Four Corners. It took until about 3 in the afternoon from our many stops along the way.


At one stop in New Mexico, we found a huge tourist trap. Plenty of things to purchase and a few things to look at. The goal was to reel you in by way of being a place of many “southwestern” and “Native American” things and then sell you some at exorbitant prices. Caiden had fun with this bear, as you can tell.


Of course, Brendan did as well.


A very large mammal and two silly boys sporting their Calvary Chapel Christian School t-shirts.


I’m sorry, Caiden, we can’t afford to take him home with us.


Jen was in awe of the street lights we kept seeing everywhere. They were sideways! If I remember rightly, someone said years ago, they were turned sideways for color blind folk. Apparently, the sideways nature helped them understand the red, yellow, green.


We found some highway vendors (going through a town) that were selling “Kneel Down Bread.” We were intriqued, so we pulled over and bought some. It was actually quite good! I’ve included the link there so you can look it up for yourself. Basically, it’s ground up corn baked in the ground.


The boys weren’t quite sure what to expect. They didn’t *not* like it but they weren’t in love with it. In today’s world, bland items aren’t the norm, so I completely agree.


And then, on to some better tasting items…


A chocolate drink in a can. It wasn’t the drink so much that entertained us. It was the constant repetition of, “Yoo-Hoo” that was called amongst ourselves in the car. It got to where it was quite funny – as weird as that may sound.


The driver. Jen was trying to catch me making funny faces. She got this one great picture of me. So good, I’ll actually post this one!


Finally! Nearly a half day behind schedule, we arrive! For those that don’t know, the Four Corners Monument is the only place in the United States where four states touch each other at the same time. It’s the corners of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona.  We drove through New Mexico to Arizona to get to the Four Corners. When we leave, we’ll go by way of New Mexico to Colorado and then off to Utah to head north to home.


As you can see, the four states meet up in this one spot. The attraction is, you get to sit or stand in all four states at the same time.


We were here for quite some time and, apparently, it’s common to do a weird pose to put yourself in four states at once. This isn’t us – it’s another random traveler. Of course, then I had to challenge Jen and the boys to do the same thing…


Good job, Jen!


Jen helps Caiden…


Thank you for helping, Jen, but could you put Brendan’s feet back on the ground? *laughs*


Yes. I tried it. However, I’m not lifting that much weight in the air to do what they did. I think this is just fine for a picture.


Crazy babies.


There were vendors everywhere selling the Navajo jewelry and gifts. They’ve got stalls set up around the Four Corners monument. Outside of that were a few vendors selling food. This was my favorite place, even if we didn’t get to eat there because they were closed for the day. If you look, you can see why I loved this little place… It’s small. Look close!


All around the monument, flags fly free. They do need to replace the American flag, though. It’s looking a little worn on the ends. All in all, I love this place and would love to go back again.


“Look, mom! It looks like an arrowhead!” Yes, Caiden. It does. How strange.


On the way out of town, we ran into small sign on the side of the road that read, “Hovenweep National Monument.” After driving 30 miles out of our way, down back roads, we found the official sign. We went on in and checked it out – just for general curiosity.


Hovenweep is a place where the local tribe of Native Americans built their homes out of and into the rock around them. A canyon provided a perfect place to dig into the rock and live.


The fascination, unfortunately, was not the houses built into the rock. It was the local animals.


We took, quite perhaps, several hundred pictures of the local lizards. We were being as quiet and still as possible to try and get as close as we could to them. Forget the canyons rich with the remains of the local Native Americans! The animals are more important.


And off we went, back on the road. We were supposed to get home on Saturday night. We ended up stopping in Monticello, Utah and had a good nights’ sleep. Home on Sunday, perhaps? Oh, and they started school on Monday – so we were really pushing our time limit!

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